10 Sexy Things About Chuck Bass

He says the three words every girl is dying to hear… “I’m Chuck Bass.”

There’s no question about it, Upper East Siders, Motherchucker is one of the sexiest men alive (still not sure why he hasn’t made the cover of People’s famous issue yet…) In celebration of Chuck’s sexiness (illustrated by the gorgeous Ed Westwick), my minions and I put together a list of C’s sexiest qualities. Let’s all swoon in unison, shall we?

1. He’s incredibly insightful.

Chuck Bass Eventually gif from Gossip Girl

2. His morning bed head is to die for.

Chuck Bass Bed Head gif from Gossip Girl

3. There is not a more stylish man on the Upper East Side… or possibly the world.

Chuck Bass suit gif from Gossip Girl

4. He has an appreciation for beautiful things (mainly our Queen B).

Chuck Bass you're amazing gif from Gossip Girl

5. He knows what he wants… and how to get it.

Chuck Bass will you marry me gif from Gossip Girl

6. There is nothing sexier than a guy who knows his worth.

Chuck Bass book gif from Gossip Girl

7. His smirk = heart-melting!

Chuck Bass smirk gif from Gossip Girl

8. His comebacks are always witty & clever.

Chuck Bass comeback gif from Gossip Girl

9. He’s willing to let his vulnerable and sensitive side shine through.

Chuck Bass everyone leaves gif from Gossip Girl

10. And lastly, let’s not forget- He’s Chuck Bass. The man has turned his own name into a pick-up line!

Chuck Bass I'm Chuck Bass gif from Gossip Girl


What do you think is Chuck’s sexiest trait, dolls? Let me know in the comments. Until next time, Upper East Siders… XOXO


  1. jenny marsh Said:

    His love for Blair is the sexiest thing about Chuck. Passionate and all consuming. Willing to do anything for her happiness <33

  2. Anastasia Said:

    omg what u wrote is totally true I mean he is the seexiest man alive ♥

  3. ds Said:

    I love him so much. Everything is sexy about him! Especially his love for Blair melts my heart <3

  4. Jennifer Said:

    I can’t see anyone else being able to fulfill the role Of Chuck Bass as well as Ed did on this show. He was amazing! His and Leighton’s chemistry is, and will always be, the most sexually dynamic one I have ever experienced on screen EVER. I love both of them together and must believe that they will be endgame in the future when he is ready, and she is tired of whats his nuts. Just keeping the faith!

  5. eff Said:

    So true *-* love him and the way how he loves Blair <3 Chair forever! <3 <3

  6. Sarah Said:

    He’s so cute when he talks to Blair..

  7. Faye Said:

    Yeah, let’s all ignore that time he tried to rape Serena and Jenny because the actor who plays him is “so hot”. (Emphasis on the IGNORE)

  8. AT Said:

    Newsflash @Faye!
    Chuck fans don’t ignore the bad things he did. We watched the show. The WHOLE show. Not just youtube clips of our ship. And one of the best arcs in the entire series was watching Chuck Bass grow from a spoiled, selfish rich boy to a mature, loving father and husband. To put it in Blair’s words: He became a man in a way his father never was. Watch S5 and S6 again. Just watch the flashforward and see little Henry Bass run into Chuck’s arms.

  9. hannah Said:

    Im always reading your posts gossip girl! i love them, and i love this the most. ed is my blood uncle, and i love seeing posts about him, which i see on a regular from you! thanks.

  10. micaela Said:

    his voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  11. izzy Said:

    Definitely the…”i’m chuck bass!! lol

  12. Win Said:

    Him being a Playboy turned to a very passionate Man. <3

  13. Lisa Said:

    His love for Blair and the fact that he never says sorry for who he is. This is what makes Chuck Bass the sexiest guy ever

  14. Bea Said:

    Apart from his beauty, his love for Blair and all that shitty things. I think his accent is really cool, I mean, his way of saying everything improves him a lot. It makes him one of the sexiest. The tone helps a lot.

  15. kate Said:

    he’s always cute

  16. lex Said:

    what u wrote is totally true I mean he is the seexiest man alive ♥
    And I love his games with B.
    God damn it he is sooo charming!! <3

  17. shannon-louise Said:

    His love for blair. Hes not afraid to show her even though he can be an ass about it.hes passionate and overwhelming about how he feels and when he knows what he wants he isnt afraid to go for it. No matter how much he turns hisself away from the one true thing in his life he holds on no matter what dispite the circumstances.and in the end… hes were he fought to be ♥

  18. randomgirl Said:

    When I watched the show at first, I didn’t think he was that attractive at all. But then as the seasons progressed he grew on me. And omg looking at this now I miss watching him be so awesome. Chuck is incredibly amazing<3 Chair forever<333 :DDD

  19. Allie Said:

    Pretty much all of the things about Chuck are sexy :)

  20. H Said:

    I can’t say no to these…

  21. Nicole Said:

    He is the definition of sexy!!! <3


  22. Nancy Said:

    He’s Chuck Bass.

  23. Samy30416 Said:

    I need a Chuck Bass in my life! He’s PERECTION! I love Ed and waiting for the day he’ll be in another show as good as Gossip Girl! :D

  24. chucksGirl Said:



  25. xoxoooooo Said:


  26. hailey Said:

    Chuck and Blair are my favorite on – screen couple. They have the most beautiful chemistry. There relationship is true love.

  27. Marina Said:

    His confidence and his devotion for Blair are the sexiest qualities in my opinion!

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