Hot Mess! The 2014 VMA Worst Dressed List

Another year of VMA fashion has come and gone, darlings. While some looks were show stoppers, these five faux fashionistas will go down in Moonmen history for all the wrong reasons. Take a look at the worst outfits of the night…

Taylor Swift

Our dear TayTay has always said that she never wants people to think of her as sexy. But every once in awhile, she gets a bee in her bonnet and decides to be a tigress. Case in point, this Mary Katrantzou look. What am I even looking at? A wetsuit? Taylor is striking this pose in literally every picture and trying painfully hard to be naughty and sultry but doesn’t quite pull it off. Although that catsuit is so tight, I’d be surprised if she could cut it off. T, stick to sparkly gowns and ladylike dresses. You rule your lane, T, stay in it.


2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Taylor Swift

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


Miley Cyrus

Sometimes “couture” looks anything but. MC’s horrendous Alexandre Vauthier Couture ensemble looked almost as cheap as it did unflattering. Obliterating her breasts and widening her hips, while appearing to be made out of old Hefty bags, this outfit was a Cyrus catastrophe. I’m not angry, Miley, I’m just disappointed.


2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Miley Cyrus

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


Chloe Moretz

While every other starlet was bearing as much skin as humanly possible, CM stood out for precisely the opposite reason–but the result wasn’t much better. Her pink and red Vuitton look was ultra odd considering 1) it isn’t 1968, 2) it’s August, not Easter in Palm Beach and 3) she’s 17 not 71. The entire ensemble is a polyester nightmare that looks tres tight and unflattering. If you’re going to be one of the least stylish stars at the VMAs, shouldn’t you at least be the most comfortable?


2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Chloe Moretz

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


Victoria Justice

A kind person may describe Victoria Justice’s Alice + Olivia top and Kira Plastinina skirt as a “head turner” but I declare it a red carpet eyesore. This skirt is just dreadful, but thankfully it’s a one-of-a-kind so you’ll never be subjected to it again. And while I like VJ’s makeup, her ponytail braid is juvenile and that hashtag purse? #itsover



2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Victoria Justice

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


Amber Rose

Congratulations to Amber Rose for the worst look of the night, possibly year, possibly ever. This thing is, I assume, meant to be an homage to Rose McGowan’s infamous string “dress” from 1998, but it manages to be far worse–at least Rose was original. Amber’s look is both ick and a copycat. Quite an achievement. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: True It Girls only have to grin–not bare it.

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Amber Rose

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


  1. Cam Said:

    Mortez looked great and classy, standing out in a sea of trash and look-at-me vanity.

  2. Vicky Said:

    I agree with Cam! I thought that CMoretz looked age-appropiated, beautiful, and comfy!

  3. niki Said:

    oh my god ambers outfit is just horrible, how could she even imagine leaving the house like that!
    if victoria wasnt sporting the ponytail braid or that childish purse she could have gotten my vote… everyone else deserves to be on the list.

  4. María Said:

    I think the only outfit really bad is Amber’s, which is reeeeally reeally awful but the others are OK, and I specially love Taylor’s and Miley’s

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