5 Reasons Jennifer Lawrence Would Be The Ultimate Frenemy

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire cast has taken over my city promoting their new flick which releases tomorrow. I actually walked past a fan frenzy surrounding Jennifer Lawrence outside of The Late Show With David Letterman studio last night and overheard one adorable tween squeal to her friend in disbelief, “She’s soooo beautiful!”

It was clear these young and naive girls would totally welcome J.Law into their clique, but as someone older and wiser I have to warn them…on the Upper East Side I learned at an early age that girls like Jennifer turn out to be less like friends are more like frenemies…

Here’s why:

1. She’d totally show you up with her dance moves on a girls’ night.

2. She’s not afraid to get a laugh at the expense of embarrassing you.

3. And she’ll make sure all eyes are on her even when you tell the funny joke…

4. You’d have to keep her away from your crush.

5. And she’ll let you know how she really feels about your outfit.

All of this to say, I still heart J. Law. XOXO


  1. Nix Said:

    I love her, she’s a genius!!!

  2. lisa Said:

    she is very funny like her as an actress and as a person just fresh in the business
    not afraid to show her wackiness

  3. Emilia Said:

    Omg I love Jennifer!! She’s totally my spirit animal

  4. gary williams Said:

    I love you.
    Do you love me?
    yes no
    Check one.

  5. beca Said:

    I love her in the hunger games

  6. Shawne Said:

    Once you get some verification of this…

    I still won’t believe you

  7. paulelekjr Said:

    God, I’m so in love with her :3

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