5 Reasons Not To Be a Child Star

If you’ve ever thought about what your life would have turned out like if you would have given up prep school and slumber parties for on-set tutors and red carpet events, don’t get too regretful… Take a look at these child stars who prove that being famous at an early age isn’t exactly a recipe for adulthood success:

1. Amanda Bynes


amanda bynes before and after


She went from making us LOL at her jokes on The Amanda Show to saying WTF?!? at her tweets and videos.

2. Lindsay Lohan


lindsay lohan


She seemed sweet and innocent when we first saw her on the big screen in The Parent Trap, but these days she’s probably wishing a long-lost twin could switch places with her to appear at court and rehab while she parties.

3. Justin Bieber


justin bieber before and after


He stole girls’ hearts with his swoopy hair and purple outfits when he first came onto the scene, but now he’s wearing bedazzled construction hats and baggy pants. Not to mention taking every opportunity (even airport security lines) to be shirtless.

4. Britney Spears


britney spears


She was the Queen of the Teens back in the day, having everything most girls would kill for (including Justin Timberlake), but her breakdown resulted in a bald head and Kevin Federline. *Shudder*

5. Macaulay Culkin

macaulay culkin


So loveable and so cute back in his Home Alone and My Girl days… what happened?!

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  1. samantha Said:

    Don’t even compare Justin to these ratty people.I seriously dont understand how him being shirtless is an issue.If i was a hot guy I’d be shirtless a lot of the time too just like 100% of all the male population and i really dont understand how Justin wearing a cap with spikes is a bad influence? Its just a cap. It annoys the crap out of me how all these gossip websites are the first to judge Justin for stupid things yet always fail to notice the incredible things he does, like charity work.

  2. Jay Said:

    For most of these people, I blame their parents. It’s not like a baby can say, “Hey mom, why don’t you audition me for that diaper commercial? Who knows, I could supply your income!” Same thing goes for child stars. It’s the parents who allow them to be launched into the very adult world of Hollywood. And am I the only one who’s noticed how shows recently have promoting that being famous and young is fun and exciting and has no consequences? Like teen sitcoms like Victorious and Hannah Montana?

  3. Jay Said:

    And no matter what idiotic Beliebers say… fame has gone to Bieber’s head. He’s far from a role model now, and I can see him in Lindsay Lohan’s position in a few years.

  4. Lofromwisco Said:

    Samantha….you’ll understand when you’re older.

  5. Julie Said:

    Samantha, just give him a year, he’ll probably be the worst.

  6. Jasmine Said:

    really?! comparing Justin Bieber who is still maturing and making a few tiny mistakes, to Lindsay Lohan who has done numerous drugs, broken the law who knows how many times, is plain disgusting.. He is no where near her level of insanity. I admit that lately he has done some careless things, but what nineteen year old doesn’t do some silly things, he is still growing and learning from his mistakes. He apologised for smoking weed on live television in front of millions. RANT OVER

  7. Silvia Said:

    Comparing Justin Bieber to this drug addicted people? What did he ever do to you? Apologizing in his name for being shirtless in airport and being inspiration for not only 12 year old kids but mature people who don’t judge people by their clothes or something. When will he stop being your top theme for judging and criticisim? btw. he started his career when he was 14 not on some Disney shit but on the steps of theatre with guitare and freaking water bottle. You can be ashamed.

  8. Silvia Said:

    I’m not one who thinks ‘oh has never done anything bad,he always been so kind’, no ,I see reality and don’t always lick his ass but problem is that you can’t see positive. Fact is that all positive things he has done can cover up all those small deitals that he did wrong.

  9. laaaaaz Said:

    Okay, I’m not a “Belieber” or any of that rubbish, but Justin Bieber hasn’t done anything half as bad as the others. His hat was hand made by a fan in Belfast (I only know because I saw it in the local newspaper.), and I personally think its quite nice he’s wearing it. You’re getting at the others for doing drugs and going off the rails, but you’re getting at Justin for wearing a hat his fan made? A bit too far, Gossip Girl.

  10. John Said:

    All these 14 year olds defending Justin? You serious?

    He’s a plain douche and a d1ck.

    Police show up @ his house — reckless driving and weed: http://www.tmz.com/2013/05/28/justin-bieber-keyshawn-johnson-showdown-police-reckless-driving-confrontation-weed/

    In trouble with the law for spitting on a neighbor:

    He also attacked the paparazzi (Google it.. out of characters)..
    Keep standing up 4 her.

  11. krissy Said:

    It was a sad Situation for Brit. She has Been doing so good now!! I love all of these Celebs But Brit. and Lindsay and Amanda are my Faves!I dnt. know what Happened to Cutie From home alone! Oh Yikes!!

  12. Annaliese Said:

    Well you have to do something when you fan base starts to die down lol hence the sudden appearances of their inexplicable bizarre behaviour!

  13. Anabel Said:

    REASON NUMBER 1: should be The king of pop MICHAEL JACKSON!!!

  14. S Said:

    Belibers get a grip. JB speeds on roads, drinks, and pissed in a friggin mop bucket. that’s why he’s on the list.

  15. James Said:

    justin beiber is proof what happens to you when you let success and stupidity. The dude was better off sticking with his mom at least she kept him in line damn it.

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