Cute or Ew: 5 Seconds of Summer Sell Their Own Tickets

If you’ve been too busy vacationing in Europe like practically everyone who’s anyone, 5 Seconds of Summer has quickly become the new One Direction (minus the juicy romance rumors…so far). As if to solidify the Summermania of their own little Australian Invasion, the boy band showed up to surprise fans who had been camping out overnight (gross) for their first US headlining show in southern California by personally selling them tickets. That’s 5SOS’s (it’s a thing) Luke Hemmings behind the glass window selling tickets to fans.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The whole thing is a little lemonade stand-meets teeny bopper nightmare for my taste, but apparently fans went crazy for Luke and his bandmates Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin and Calum Hood. In addition to their cashier duties, the group performed “She Looks So Perfect” and “Amnesia” for the screaming crowd.

When their not promoting themselves as ticket sellers, 5 Seconds of Summer is currently opening for One Direction, and will headline their first U.S. show on November 15.

So what do you think, minions: cute publicity move or just super lame attempt to make fans love them? Will you be seeing the new pop sensation in concert?


  1. madison Said:

    um, that’s michael clifford, NOT luke hemmings. if you’re gonna talk about them, the least you could do is get their NAMES straight. and btw, it’s THEY’RE, not their.

    the boys are super sweet and dedicated to their fans!

  2. Taylor Said:

    That’s Michael behind the glass window, not Luke, just FYI.

  3. Kate Said:

    They’re not a fucking boy band, get your facts straight okay.

  4. #mybeliebers Said:

    I think is pretty amazing. It must be a super amazing felling for the fans :)
    By the way, the guy on the picture is NOT Luke, it’s Michael Gordon Clifford :)

  5. Sarah Said:

    ^^^^if you’re gonna insult them at least get their names right

  6. Megan Milne Said:

    The boy shown in the picture is actually Michael Clifford, not Luke Hemmimgs.

  7. emylee Said:

    lol that’s not even luke tho

  8. Joaquim Said:

    Of course, nobody would buy the tickets otherwise..

  9. kayley Said:

    Its michael in the pic and my favorite song is amnesia its amazing
    and they are a boy band so whoever said their not is wrong xx

  10. Emily Said:

    First get your shit straight. That isn’t Luke its Michael and they are NOT the new one direction. IF you were smart you would know the difference between them, which is; 5sos is a BAND and One Direction is a BOY BAND. (:

  11. sophie kendall Said:

    5SOS love to have a bit of fun, not like most bands they do crazy weird stuff to make their fans happy, its not about publicity, its about making every single one of us smile, and they are doing an amazing job at it, they are so unique, I wish they would stop comparing them to one direction, I’m a fan of both and there is a BIG difference between them.. by the way that is Michael Gordon Clifford behind the glass.. if your going to say stuff about them at least get their names right..

  12. Allison Reyes Said:

    They weren’t doing it for publicity or to make fans love them. The fans already love them; why do you think they wer buying tickets and camping overnight in the first place? The event was great, and the band and the fans both really enjoyed. Also, let me just make a few corrections.

    *band (not a boy band, get your facts straight.)
    *they’re (SIMPLE ENGLISH WOW)
    *the picture shows Michael. Not Luke.

    Your opinion is wonderful (except, of course, for all the major flaws.)

  13. Alaina Said:

    Things wrong with this article…

    1. They are not the new one direction, they in fact are nothing like one direction.

    2. They aren’t a boy band

    3. Their fans camping out to see them isn’t “gross”

    4. That’s not Luke Hemmings

    5. They aren’t pop they are rock

  14. hannah Said:

    hahaha that’s Michael Clifford not Luke Hemmings……

  15. Jamie Said:

    Oh my god they’re not a FUCKING BOY BAND.

  16. Ellie Ramirez Said:

    Please. If you can’t get their names, why talk about them? I mean you should be so rude. I do not like when people try and talk bad about famous people. It’s just like high school. Pathetic.

  17. Kayla Said:

    Everything wrong with this article: First, the word “tickets” is misspelled in the name of the article, and the word “their” was used instead of “they’re” in the second to last paragraph. Next, you have pictured the beautiful Michael Clifford, NOT Luke Hemmings (who’s also beautiful but not pictured.) Lastly (and most importantly,) THEY ARE NOT A BOY BAND, NOR ARE THEY THE “NEXT ONE DIRECTION.” This article looks and sounds like it was written by a twelve year old. Don’t write articles blindly.

  18. Niamh Said:

    Everything in this article is stupid, you didn’t even get the names right…..

  19. Suong Said:

    Thats not even Luke, its Michael

  20. Lizzy Said:

    I think it is a good idea because it gives them a chance to interact with there fans. They are a great band. They already have plenty of fans. Plus, I heard about 5SOS before I heard about one direction. This is not a stupid idea.

  21. Ricki Said:

    They aren’t a boy band… and that’s actually Michael Clifford. So what if they want to sell their own tickets? that’s fucking cool. They appreciate their fans who camped out just to get tickets to see them, whats so wrong with that?

  22. Zoe Said:

    Is this article joke? So many things wrong with this. OK, first of all ‘new one direction’. So if your journalists had done any sort of research they would know that they do not want to be or are anything like one direction and just by listening to their music it becomes pretty obvious. Secondly, wrong band member. Excellent research again. This here is Michael Clifford who looks nothing like Luke Hemmings but nice try. The whole article is so offensive. Why so negative? They did a nice thing.

  23. Eboni Said:

    Okay, this is just rude & disrespectful. Firstly, they are not a boy band. They play their own instruments during their concerts. Secondly, the fact that you didn’t even take the time to match the face in the picture to the CORRECT name (it’s Michael Clifford) proves that you’re far too ignorant to be able to write a decent article. Thirdly, their fan base is exceptionally large considering the fact that they’ve only been around for a few short years. They don’t need to whore themselves out. xx

  24. Cassandra Said:

    I was at a 1D concert (yeah…. I was forced) and 5SOS were much better than One Direction

  25. Allyanya Said:

    Hi yeah so I have a few problems with this article. First off, that’s Michael Clifford in the picture, not Luke Hemmings. If you’re going to write an article bashing someone at least learn their names. Also learn the difference between they’re and their. I have no idea what gives you the credentials to write this article if you haven’t even checked over the article for your multiple errors. They’re not like One Direction and if you actually listened to their music you’d know that. Nice try.

  26. Casey Said:

    To address this first they are not the new One Direction. They are a complete different genre and completely different individuals. Secondly, if you really think that camping out all night for an artist is gross then you might as well strip yourself of your journalism rights because that is one way to meet every artist in this time. Thirdly 5SOS is an abbreviation for the actual band name like we call One Direction 1D. Lastly you should learn the actual band members before you talk down on them

  27. Casey Said:

    Also congratulations is in order for you. You and the gossip website you work for have earned not only 100’s of people who dislike you strongly but 100’s of people. I had hoped that this article was a joke but it seems that you all are very serious. Now not only will you all look very uneducated in pop-culture but the fans will look like animals for defending the boys. So good one on you.

  28. Pissed of reader Said:

    1. If your going to blog about someone get their names and the type of music right.
    2. If you have nothing better to do other then blog rude things about people you need to get a life
    3. 5SOS is not the new One Direction

  29. Megan Said:

    7 Things wrong with this article;

    1. Tickets is spelled wrong in the title.
    2. The word their is used incorrectly in the third paragraph. It should be they’re.
    3. 5 Seconds of Summer is a band not a boy band.
    4. They are also a Pop Rock group, not Pop.
    5. People camp out to get tickets all the time, and it is not “gross”
    6. That is a picture of Michael Gordon Clifford, not Luke Hemmings.
    7. They obviously already love the boys if they camped out overnight just to get tickets.

  30. Tasha Said:

    You didn’t research much for this article did you?

  31. Rebecca Said:

    A band full of boys and everyone’s complaining that they were called a boy band…

  32. Xyza Said:

    It’s Michael Clifford behind the glass window, and they’re not the new one direction. One direction is different and 5sos is different.

  33. RoxAnn Said:

    Wow you really blew it on that piece didn’t you?
    I happened to like both groups, for different reasons. Check your sources, check your facts, then re-check both. I’m old enough to have completed my college degree…something you may want to consider. It’s a waste of time to list all your misinformation because regardless, this is an editorial not an article since it contains obvious opinions vs. actual facts.

  34. Eliza Said:

    you’re so fucked up man keep your opinion to yourself, stop being jealous of 18 year olds lmao

  35. michael's better than u Said:

    that picture is michael?? your info is inaccurate and your opinions are irrelevant and you can’t spell “tickets” properly. there wasn’t anyone buying tickets who weren’t fans so how would that “stunt” get them any new followers? it was a sweet thing for them to do to be able to meet fans stfu and delete your dumb ass article

  36. Ellie Said:

    Are you stupid? Their genre is NOT pop. They are a ROCK band. And that’s Michael Clifford. Get your facts and names straight, idiot.

  37. Caitlyn Said:

    This whole article is a mess …. not only did you get the “facts” of the article wrong, but they’re are many noticeable spelling mistakes.

    ” Cute or Ew: 5 Seconds of Summer Their Own Ticekts ” Ticekts? Really? It’s tickets*

    The member of the band in the picture is Michael Clifford, not Luke Hemmings. Before you go and make an article about something, do your research first. And doing this is not “gross”. It’s kind and sweet. Goodbye :)

  38. this article sucks Said:

    someone tell me how camping overnight is gross??? also the definition of a boy band is a group who only sings and doesn’t play instruments. if 5sos is a boy band, than so were nirvana and green day. get your facts straight. (PS that photo is of Michael. But I’m glad you at least had ONE photo to back up your incorrect “facts.”)

  39. it's me Said:

    Is this 5SOS thar you’re talking about cause you are soo fucking wrong every single is wrong and if i’m gonna correct it might take a while soo please the next time before you write an article do some Fucking reseach That might help UGH i’m SO MAD

  40. George Said:

    Clearly (if it wasn’t obvious enough), this article is worth about the same amount as the two trash cans sitting on the curb of my lawn. This entire gossip website is the REAL sad attempt at getting fans to like them, and you’re not even simply doing that. No, instead of doing the simplest research of who is actually who in the band, you chose to go ballistic and write complete crap about these successful young men. I can’t believe what people will write to get a couple hits. What total garbage.

  41. A girl who really hates this article Said:


  42. Brooke Said:

    First of all in the tittle of this article you spelled ”Tickets” wrong. That’s Michael not Luke. There not the new One Direction. They have complete opposite styles of music has One Direction. There not a boyband. It’s not gross to camp out because if you actually want to meet them you kind of have to do that. 5SOS is a abbreviation for there name like how we call One Direction 1D. And when there not promoting themselves as ticket sellers there promoting themselves as Target employees

  43. ana Said:

    Ummmmm fangirls stfu the usage of their is fine. IT IS THEIR NLT THEY’RE.

  44. fuck you? Said:

    You’re a fucking idiot. most bands wouldn’t take the time out to make their fans smile by selling tickets. it’s not pathetic or lame or anything, it’s just an act of kindness. Also, a lot of people on the internet dont have the money to spend on vacations in Europe because they’re too busy with student loans or some other shit, so you’re just being an ass. I hope you get get what you deserve for bashing a group of boys trying to spread some joy.

  45. seriously Said:

    You need to ask a refund for your journalism degree because obviously you don’t know the first thing about it

  46. Poods The Tommo Said:

    STFU. First of all, they’re not a boy band and that means they’re not the new One Direction. 5SOS are rock. Not pop. The picture is Michael Clifford. Not Luke Hemmings. Get your damn facts straight. The fans waited And camp out just for them means they love the boys. The fans already love 5SOS Without 5SOS trying to make the fans love them. They didn’t do anything for publicity. Just STFU you don’t know anything about them.

  47. Bea Said:

    Where’s Luke Hemmings?? It’s Michael Clifford!! haha

  48. Bea Said:

    Cute or Ew?? Seriously??? There’s nothing ew about that! It’s totally cute, they appreciate their fans and try their best to make their fans happy. :)

  49. olivia Said:

    first of all, that’s MICHAEL not LUKE
    secondly, they’re not a goddamn POP BOYBAND. they’re a a PUNK/ROCK POP BAND.
    lastly, they’re not the “next one direction” the two bands are completely different and incredibly talented in different ways.

  50. Becka Said:

    I’m not really into them, but I think it’s really sweet that they sold fans tickets themselves

  51. Jacey Rae Said:

    The man behind the window is Michael Gordon Clifford, Luke does not run everything in the band. There are 3 other people. ALSO: THEY ARE NOT A TEENY BOPPER BOYBAND. Maybe you should look a little more into bands and their music before you write such distasteful articles about them.

  52. Sara Hemmings Said:

    You are a complete idiot. They are NOT the Australian one direction. One direction is a boy band and boy bands just sing. 5SOS writes their music and play their instraments. Also youu don’t even know 5SOs so don’t write articles about them if you don’t even know which boy is which idiot

  53. Tora Andoryusu Said:

    Hold up. Did someone just say they were a fan of 5sos but called them a boyband? Lol gtfo and get your facts right. Also that’s Michael in the picture, not Luke. The amount of spelling and errors in this are ridiculous. They aren’t the new One Direction because they are both completely different groups and genres. One is a pop boyband and the other is a pop punk band. If you’re going to talk about a fucking band you could at least do some proper fucking research and learn English right.

  54. Ida Hemmings Said:

    Omg there’s so many things wrong with this article. First of all the spelling.Like cmon can’t you even spell a simple word as tickets? Are you 10 years old? And why the heck do they have to mention One Direction? Yes, they have earned fans from opening to one direction, but they’ve worked fucking hard to get here, and so many fans have been here before this year. Oh god they’re not the “New One Direction” They don’t even play then same music genre!! 1D is pop/pop-rock and 5sos is punk/rock/pop.

  55. Kaitlyn Said:

    Lol. Are you serious. Please tell me this is a joke. If your going to write an article make sure you get your facts straight. That is Michael not Luke. And practically the whole fandom already knew 5Sauce was going to be at the Forum. So can you just stop. I’m part of both the 5SOS and 1D fandom and they are NOTHING alike. Yeah, your an idiot. You get an F for effort though

  56. Georgina Sparks Said:

    The difference between “being cute” or “ewe” doesn’t even apply in this scenario. Also, you should try googling them before you try identifying them. They are way underrated for their genre and frankly 1D gives them the bad rep as a “boy band”

  57. Mary Said:

    First of all that is MIchael Clifford NOT Luke Hemmings so get your information right first,please. Second of all, they are NOT a new One Direction. They are not even a “boyband”. If you think waiting so long to get a chance to see your idols is “gross” then you are too arrogant come on. I could go on and on and on about this lame ass article but I have better things to do than teach you the obvious here.
    Oh and last but ABSOLUTELY NOT LEAST, they’re nor pop, they’re punk rock, get it right.

  58. Bella Said:

    I normally love this website but to be perfectly honest this article was dreadful, grammar wise and you couldn’t even get who was in the picture right #lettingusdowngossipgirl

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