6 New Chuck Bass Memes

Chuck Bass is sexy and he knows it.

Chuck Bass can look good in a suit… and a onesie.

Gossip Girl‘s beloved Upper East Side playboy, played by Ed Westwick, is quite possibly the most intriguing man in the world, and these brand new memes showcase just how intriguing he really is.

Check out the gallery below to see six memes dedicated to the one and only Chuck Bass. Then, leave a comment and tell us which one is your favorite. You can also share them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! Got any other ideas for Chuck Bass memes? Do tell!

Says 3 Words Every Girls Wants To Hear

"I'm Chuck Bass"

Can Look Good In a Suit

...And a Onesie

Is Sexy...

...And He Knows It

You Can Disagree With Him

But Your Argument Is Invalid

He's Chuck Bass

Even Europeans Know What That Means

Sells Girlfriend For Hotel

Still Considered Dreamy




  1. cchihumba Said:

    only say the three words and im all yours…..im chuck bass lol

  2. MariaMurphy Said:

    WTF with the hotel meme. I guess the writer is a BAN fan.

  3. GeorgiaWilsonJones Said:

    He’s amazing. My dream men.

  4. yamimauas Said:

    I was with them that day on the film set and I take photo with Ed!

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