:( of the Day: 90210 Gets Cancelled

It’s the end of an era, darlings. Well technically, it’s the end of the second era–back in the day, Beverly Hills, 90210 got the axe after umpteen seasons, and now sadly we must relive the horror as it’s next-gen reboot, 90210 gets the axe.

In May the CW drama will air it’s last ep ever, so start looking now for a new Monday night must-watch. Are you going to miss seeing AnnaLynne McCord, Shenae “PDA Princess” Grimes and Matt Lanter every week? Or should this show have called it quits ages ago?


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  1. Nada Khaled Said:

    I hate that the show is going to be cancelled, I am gonna miss the cast so much <33

  2. cherie Said:

    Why was it cancelled???? I love this show so much!! :'(

  3. Chad Kane Said:

    Sad news indeed!!! I’ve enjoyed watching this as much as the original. I’m very disappointed to see it cancelled. I miss it already…

  4. Ashley Freese Said:

    I love this show!! This should not be cancelled!! They keep cancelling all the good shows for the stupid crap they have on now!! :(

  5. Sergio Said:

    Never liked remakes, this was one of the least original ideas

  6. C Said:

    This show is an absolute joke. There is zero substance to it and I can’t believe it went on for so long. It’s shit, nothing actually happens and it’s sick how such a “close” group of “friends” have either fucked or been completely in love with another, then it takes one episode to get other the person until they’re onto he next one. Every character has had everyone on this show. Thank god it’s axed.

  7. nathalie Said:

    I saw Jessica Stroup saying goodbye to Silver on twitter and I was like “hey why is silver leaving the show” then I saw Jessica Lowndes’ tweet saying goodbye to Adrianna and I was like “HELL NO” I love this show so much :(

  8. Kayla Said:

    I HATE The CW! I will never watch this network again! This was my favorite show and it had such an AMAZING cast!! It should get the proper send off with closure and now it won’t since they’re almost done filming the finale.

  9. 90210 fan Said:

    Noooooo I am so sad I always look forward to watching 90210

  10. Ray Said:

    I’m sad that this show has been cancelled. It’s one of few shows I watch weekly. I am going to miss it.

  11. JJ Goode Said:

    I’m pretty bummed out to see it cancelled. I work at DISH with a few friends who watch the show, too, so I wonder if they know that this fifth season is it. Now I’m glad that I’ve been saving this entire season to my DISH Hopper. I can keep it around until I’m ready to let go, too, because my Hopper’s hard drive stores up to 2,000 hours of entertainment. I still have room for every other series in my lineup and anything that gets my attention.

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