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Is Mila Kunis Having A Boy or Girl?
Gender Reveal: Is it a Boy or Girl for Mila K…
My spies have confirmed the gender of Mila and Ashton's baby. It's a...
Posted 1 day ago

WTF: Demi Lovato Fan Gets Arrested!
WTF Alert: Demi Lovato Fan Tweets Terrorist T…
One bored Lovatic could learn a lesson about Twitter threats with some jail time....
Posted 3 days ago

GG on Extra: Beyonce vs The Kardashians
Gossip Girl on Extra: Beyoncé Keeps up with t…
Plus more hot stories from this week!
Posted 7 days ago

LOLZ: Anna Kendrick Sings on SNL
LOLZ: Anna Kendrick Sings “Dongs All Over The…
Watch Anna Kendrick and the ladies of SNL's "Dongs All Over The World" music video.
Posted 10 days ago

Gallery: Celebs Then and Now!
Gallery: Celebs Then and Now
You won't believe how different your favorite celebs look!
Posted 14 days ago

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