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Who Banked $620 Million In A Year?
Which Celebrity Banked $620 Million In A Year…
This musical artist topped Forbes' list of the highest paid hip hop artists. Hint: It's NOT Jay Z.
Posted 4 hours ago

Kris & Bruce's Divorce: Who Gets What?
Kris and Bruce Jenner’s Divorce: Who Gets Wha…
You won't believe what Kris is asking for!
Posted 6 hours ago

Love or Loathe: Chloe Moretz's Dior
Love or Loathe: Chloe Moretz at The Equalizer…
Help me decide if this look is gorgeous or ghastly.
Posted 9 hours ago

Why Did Khloe Kardashian Dump French?
The Scandalous Reason Khloe Kardashian Dumped…
Find out which bestie betrayed her!
Posted 10 hours ago

Elle Fanning Gets A Dark Makeover
Love or Loathe: Elle Fanning’s New Brunette H…
Is her look totally to dye for?
Posted 1 day ago

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