A Lady Gaga Exorcism

You might think a performer as bold as Lady Gaga would have few fears–but she is apparently so terrified of ghosts that she has hotels and tour venues scanned by paranormal investigators before she’ll set foot inside. No one, dead or alive, can upstage Lady Gaga!

Photograph by PR Photos


  1. sue Said:

    omg! whats wrong with her?!

  2. isa Said:

    Definitely she has crossed the line to crazytown…i think she is amazing and original…but sometimes she is a little insane…

  3. LALA Said:


  4. Cerolayn Said:

    She is just the best.

  5. beckyy Said:

    hahaha what a legend!!!

  6. keren Said:

    I think’. its her ways show her personality to the people’.nothings wrong with that :)

  7. Diana Brux Said:

    Wow! Lady Gaga really cross the line, but, we love it!

  8. Katy Said:

    She is plain insane. That was obvious when she first became famous. She has always been crazy, but that’s just going way too far. Obviously, she needs a lot of professional help.

  9. cookie23xx Said:

    nah love it, Gaga is awesome, mayb shes just intune with ghost and just wants them to leave her so she can snooooze,write, work and be gaga (Just a thought lol).crazy town is my kinda town.

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  11. callmehermes Said:

    I think she crossed the line with the meat gown. Gotta love her =)

  12. _snaa_ Said:

    lady gaga…she’ a very individual personality..
    and that is… i mean…positiv

  13. shennie Said:

    what’s wrong with being a little loonie? i love her

  14. lauren Said:


    she isn’t that original. there have been many before her, especially in the 80’s, to do what she does now. But she is awesome

  15. mich Said:

    what are you guys talking about, i mean come on, she’s done so much worse?

  16. Cathy Said:

    With that clothes, the ghost would be scared off by Gaga!

  17. Borja Said:

    i love her! shes the best!!

  18. Chrissi Said:

    call the exorcist!

  19. bla Said:

    lmfao this just made my day…. want a reasonable explanation for this picture? SHE’S LADY GAGA ;)

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