A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Birthday Wishes: Prince William

Darlings, what better way to wish Prince William a happy 29th birthday than by providing the perfect caption for this too-funny snapshot of his royal handsome highness? Take a peek of this candid pic of Wills at a recent polo match and tell me what you think he was saying…XOXO.

Photograph from Splash News



  1. Caroline Said:

    “Oh doll, your shoes are fabulousss!!”

  2. starlight Said:

    Oh dude, did you see that? That guy totally just stepped in a pile of dog poo

  3. Colleen Said:

    “I’m not touching youuuu!”

  4. Tiffany Said:

    Oh man did you see his outfit he was wearing in that last match! No wonder I just schooled him! His horse was even scared to play the match!

  5. brit Said:

    Oh, my God, did you see Beatrice’s hat at my wedding?

  6. DakotaVereor Said:

    Well don’t you just look fabulous, darling!

  7. Massy Said:

    i’m not getting bald! it’s my style, is getting sooo hot

  8. Stephen Campbell Said:

    Pardon me, you want me to do what? Seriously?

  9. Lex Said:

    Do you smell that? I sharted…

  10. L Said:

    where’s my handbag?

  11. liz Said:

    im trying to do a fart, but it just.. wont.. come out!

  12. rumaana Said:

    Oh my, darn, I think something just went into my eye, can you see it huny, can you?

  13. AC Said:

    Raaaaawr baby, yeeeeah!

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