Love or Loathe: Abigail Breslin at the Critics’ Choice Awards

I spied Abigail Breslin at last night’s Critics’ Choice Awards, but I didn’t even realize it was her–which never happens. How would I be the queen of all gossip if I couldn’t spot an It Girl at 100 yards? But alas, I was tres certain that I was instead looking at Abs’ older sister or vampy cousin. I mean, can you blame me? I daresay she looks quite a bit older than 17…

abigail breslin


Yes minions, AB is a junior in high school! To me, this look makes her appear far, far older, and I’m not sure I mean that in a good way. While I like the fit of the Badgley Mischka gown, and love her hair and makeup, there’s just something about this style that feels matronly and unappealing. The gown’s color washes her out and I’m not a fan of the prom dress-esque beading and pattern.

I would usually recommend adding some jewelry but I think it would only make this outfit even more formal, and it’s already a bit much for me.

What’s your take, darlings? Do you think this is a good look for such a young girl? Or should she be opting for more color and less cleavage?


  1. Diana-gg Said:

    definitly beautiful dress but not for her figure nor her coloring…
    more color and less cleavage definitly!

  2. Andra Said:

    The dress is gorgeous on her,fits her perfectly! Not every teenager likes to dress colorful and cover themselves. She has a beautiful clothing style.

  3. The Bag Report Said:

    love the hair!

  4. Sophia Said:

    I disagree, and that is not common. It is a formal event and it deserves a dress like that. The colour is beautiful and it highlights her beauty. The beading is very tasteful, her body looks great, and the makeup gorgeous. And look at the hair! Yes, she does look a bit older, but it’s not like she walks around town looking like this every day. She tried to look mature and elegant and she did it! I love everything about it, especially how happy she looks <3

  5. Danielle Said:

    Well….she’s certainly no Little Miss Sunshine anymore but, that being said, the dress is beautiful and she looks gorgeous. Is blond her natural color?

  6. kate Said:

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  7. Rachel Said:

    why is she dressing so old? she’s 17 or something like that. dress and act like that.

  8. Savannah Said:

    She looks like she just walked off of the Titanic. Her hair and makeup are gorgeous, but that dress is just wrong for her.

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