Adam Lambert Joining the Cast of Glee

Looks like Adam Lambert can’t get enough of Fox and will be returning to the network that started it all for him. The American Idol alum is heading to Glee for the fall season. Show runner Ryan Murphy tweeted this message out last night: 

While there’s no word yet on what character Adam will be playing, we do know that he’s hinted at what role he wants — and it’s not that different from the one he worked up for his Pretty Little Liars stint:

And no, his dream role on Glee isn’t playing himself dressed as a vampire. It’s playing himself! In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter before he got this gig, Adam said the show was “so cute” and praised it for really painting, “a picture of what it’s like to be an arts kid in high school … Glee is really irresistible — it’s charming.” He also said he’d love to play himself on the show like he did for PLL.

Are you into the idea of Adam being on the show, or could you care not less? Tell me in a comment below! XOXO


  1. Andra Said:

    Someone give me a bag,I’m gonna vomit. They should just end this satanic show already.

  2. eg515 Said:

    I’m with Adam doesn’t matter what he does :D
    I’m starting watching the show just because of him :D

  3. Ruth Said:

    I love Adam and Glee! So I think it’ll be fabulous.

  4. Mert Güleç Said:

    Just when i thought glee couldn’t get worse.

  5. Shannon Said:

    Aw, look at all the haters :3
    Well, you better get used to seeing Glee promos on your TV, and the episodes in your TV guide, because the show has been signed for AT LEAST two more seasons!

  6. L Said:

    2 more seasons!!!! why? all the good characters have moved on. They r just using losers from the glee project to keep the show alive. Now its just tacky

  7. Cornelia Said:

    I love Adam.didn’t watch Glee watching to see how perf he acts :33

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