Drool or Not: Adam Levine’s New Blonde Hair

Messing with perfection is never a good idea, darlings. Anyway, Adam Levine went and did just that when he dyed his perfectly luscious dark hair a shocking shade of platinum blonde. Behold:

adam levine blonde hairTwitter

“Apocalypse prep course complete” he captioned on the Twitpic.

I don’t know why I hate this look so much, but I do–I hate it. Being blonde isn’t for everyone (and Adam, that cat shirt isn’t for anyone, but that’s a different story…), and I’m not sure this shade is working with his skin tone. His fiancee Behati Prinsloo loves it though, I’m sure–she’s pretty smart to encourage him to try a look that makes him less sexy thus keeps her competition low. Wise move, girlfriend.

But what do you think, my beauty-minded minions? Can Adam work any look, no matter how much peroxide is involved? Or should he stick to his natural hue?

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  1. Staci Said:


  2. Loca Said:

    I think people are only disliking it because it is a huge change. I have done alot of different things to my hair. All that matters is if he likes it. Lets face it its always refreshing to get a new look. Let him enjoy it. After all its hair and im sure will be changed again. I personally like it. I feel it makes him look younger (in this pic at least). His body to change and express himself as he chooses.

  3. Sabah Said:

    He looks awful. Not a fan of the blond hair.

  4. Ariana Said:

    He looks uber gay, no hate to LGBT community btw ^_^

  5. Lisa Said:

    I hope i don’t offend anyone with this comment. But on the Voice tonight he looked just liked one of the Hitler youth from The Sound of Music. It was so hard to take him seriously.

  6. Jessie Said:

    I think the idea ni general wasn’t a bad choice. The HUGE problem was that someone allowed him to leave the place with his thick black eye brows and some blond Britney Spears hair.

  7. Mumi Said:

    OHHH! :( quel horreur mon dieu!!!!!!!

  8. Mumi Said:


  9. no please Said:

    not his best

  10. Bee Said:

    Oui, voilà c’est ça, c’est moche.

  11. Ally Said:

    Oh no, Adam.
    Can you hear me cryyy

  12. Ed Westwick Said:

    It’s awful! Go back to natural!

  13. Heather Said:


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