Daily Drool: Adam Levine in His Undies

Just because Adam Levine is engaged (tear!) to model Behati Prinsloo doesn’t mean we have to stop ogling him. In fact, it’s Behati herself who is encouraging the sexual objectification of her beloved, which kind of makes me want to like her.

The Victoria’s Secret model Instagrammed a pic of Adam that can only be described as…yum:

Adam Levine in underwear

Even better was Behati’s (begrudgingly) funny caption, “70’s porn called. It wants it’s vibe back. Immediately.”

How would you have titled this Insta-snapshot, minions? Or does a work of art like Adam need no caption at all?




  1. Sheila Said:


  2. Ruby Testarossa Said:

    Underwear? Check!
    Sunglasses? Check!
    Time to go for a stroll down a public hall.

  3. Solon Said:

    Still a firm believer that the less clothes, the less talent.

  4. velvet room Said:

    Toothpick legs and body ruined by tatts. Yuck, pass.

  5. booo Said:


  6. Kymber Said:

    While I do enjoy Maroon 5, I personally think Adam is kind of greasy looking , like he needs a good shower or something. I just don’t see the Yum Factor.

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