Adam Levine is Engaged! Get the Scoop on His Bride-to-Be

Grieve, darlings, for one of the hottest men on planet Earth is officially off the market. Adam Levine has popped the question to ex-girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo after the pair reunited a few weekends ago. Ugh.

adam levine behati prinsloo


Is anyone else as stunned as I am? The last time I checked, the Maroon 5 frontman’s dating habits consisted of calling up Victoria’s Secret and saying, “Send me three more.” He certainly didn’t hint that he was ready to tie the knot, and certainly certainly not with Behati, who seemed like a flash in the pan compared to his other model GF of several years, Anne V. Remember her?

adam levine anne v


But, sources say the African-born beauty made quite an impression…

“After Adam broke up with Behati, he couldn’t stop thinking about her. He realized he really loved her and wanted to be with her.”

Another friend tattled that once he saw her in person again post-break up, he was “flooded with emotion and knew he wanted to propose.”

Sigh, fine Adam, break my heart. As you dab away your tears and vow to die alone with cats now that Adam isn’t available to marry, tell me if you think A plus B will equal true love?


  1. Maria Lievano Said:


  2. Emily Said:

    I give it a week…

  3. Cecilia Said:

    Behati is so beautiful! I love her!

  4. Yasmina Said:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! This can’t be true

  5. Tamara Said:

    I wish him a lifetime of love. :)

  6. thecutest Said:

    You know, Behati and Anne were friends. She broke girl code by dating the friend’s ex and now she gets the ring? Sooooo uncool. I’m not pissed, it just sucks to be the other chick.

    Wonder what kind of freaky-deaky sex Behati does to land a guy like Levine. She should teach a class at the Learning Annex. I’d sign up in a heartbeat. I’m bored being single.

  7. Andreea Said:

    Yeah,he looks exactly like the stereotype husband. Lulz

  8. Kaylee Said:

    I’m gonna cry my eyes out

  9. farahashraf Said:

    i think that adam levine hit his head before he even thought for a sec. that that skinny bitch is “the one”,i mean we are talking about adam levine people,he is not getting married,that bitch is distracting him from Maroon 5 and i don’t like it.

  10. Miranda R Said:

    farahashraf: You sound like an overweight, bitter cunt with bully-like tendencies. Yeah, I said it-CUNT. Why would you comment on her weight unless your own is an issue? Nothing is going to distract Adam from Maroon 5, not Behati and certainly not you.

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