Adam Levine’s Super Lame First Date Idea

“I always like to dress up in a tuxedo and tell the girl to dress real fancy. I like to pick her up and go to McDonalds in a tuxedo… Her world will be so rocked. You might be able to take her to the opera afterwards. If you don’t like her, you can just take her home.” - Adam Levine on what he likes to do for first dates.

I obviously don’t believe him for one second (I’m not that gullible, loves), but either way, he’s thought about this before. He’s actually said to himself, “How funny would that be if I traded a lobster dinner for a Big Mac for a first date?” I’m all for unique and off-the-beaten path adventures, but if anyone ever expected me to eat fast food in an Alaia on a first date, I’d run as fast as my Louboutins would let me.

What’s your idea of a perfect date? And if it has anything to do with “Would you like fries with that?” then shoo!

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  1. EA Said:

    WTF? Mc Donald’s?! Terrible!

  2. Holly Said:

    Aha, I would love to go to Mc Donald’s show’s his has an sense of humour and it’s Adam Levine I wouldn’t care where he takes me

  3. spacy student :P Said:

    Hell yeahh ! nice and cheap i wouldn’t mind hahah certainly not if it was with adam levine :P

  4. Eilece Lewis Said:

    I like the idea because it’s spontaneous, and new. Most women would expect a full out, no expense spared date, but this would be unexpected and different, spontaneity in a man is always wonderful

  5. Gabi Said:

    Who cares? It’s Adam Freaking Levine!

  6. Elena Said:

    If it’s with Adam, I’ll follow him anywhere.

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