Love or Loathe: Alessandra Ambrosio’s Lace Shorts

While the majority of Coachella celebs were spotted in those dreadful high-waist mom jorts you know I hate, a few wise stars opted instead for a far more wearable trend: lace shorts.

Check out Alessandra Ambrosio‘s look and tell me she doesn’t look anything less than adorable?

alessandra ambrosio


Um, j’adore. Sure, the Victoria’s Secret model would rock a Hefty bag with a rope for a belt, but I particularly love this style as an alternative to the typical summer staple, denim cutoffs.

But, they aren’t for every body. If you’re rocking super fit legs–and carry your weight in your tummy–these are a good option especially when they’re paired with a blousy shirt a la Alessandra. But if you’re a pear shaped girl, steer clear of this unforgiving style. The light color will widen hips and should be worn uber-short to avoid looking like a diaper.

But are these a style that will appear in your summer wardrobe loves? Or are you sticking with your cutoffs?

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