Daily Drool: Alex Pettyfer Spends Birthday in Wet T-Shirt!

Ladies, get your monogrammed stationary ready to write a thank you note to Alex Pettyfer’s mates. At the Endless Love star’s 24th birthday on Wednesday night, one of these gods among men pulled Alex into a pool, and another documented the wet t-shirt clad moment that followed.  When Alex, also known for his moves in Magic Mike, emerged drenched from the pool, well…see for yourself in this video he posted on Instagram:

Feel free to take a moment; I definitely did. The only bad news that follows this video is that reps for supermodel Marloes Horst recently confirmed that she has taken Alex off of the market…for now.

Alex Pettyfer’s wet t-shirt birthday dip is a gift to womankind. I can only imagine what the live scene was like for the VIP guests in attendance, including Joe Jonas.

The birthday boy captioned the video, “12 …. My birthday …. 24 here we go!!!!! #fight #birthday #friends.” No harm though, loves. He also posted, “Great night #lovemeboys #oldfriends #bdaycelebrations.”


FYI: If I were to be tossed anywhere near a pool on my birthday (especially a hotel pool that hasn’t been disinfected for my use), I can tell you my Instagram posts that followed would not be as nice. Nor would the years of torture to follow.

You’ve been warned, dolls! XOXO

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