Alexis Carrington vs. Rachel Green

To TV-obsessed fans, Jennifer Aniston will always be America’s sweetheart, Rachel Green on Friends, and Joan Collins will remain Alexis Carrington, the ultimate villain on the 80’s drama Dynasty. Recently, Joan played to type by publicly declaring that Angelina Jolie is far more beautiful than Jenn. Now Team Aniston is in an uproar. Honestly, Joan—once a villain, always a villain. Don’t you kind of want to see Joan and Jenn duke it out?


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  2. mark Said:

    I don’t see where Joan gets off commenting on anyone’s appearance considering how grotesquely hideous she is. That bright red where lipstick isn’t fooling anyone, Joan.

  3. James Said:

    This was taken out of context. Get your facts straight.

  4. sophia Said:

    um seriously? i love friends but it’s kind of obvious.. angelina is a goddess. jen is pretty for her age though

  5. nawalle Said:

    haha look who’s talking Joan Collins… come on don’t u have a mirror?

  6. queenb Said:

    Omg talk about RUDE! Don’t anyone try deny the fact that, that was rude and makes her looks so low. Her and her red lipstick.
    I know 1 difference between her lipstick and her personality: her lipstick’s bright but she isn’t if she wants to say that.

  7. queenb Said:

    ( I was talking about joan obvioisely)

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