Hot Mess: Allison Williams’ Flesh-Colored Dress

Spotted: Girls star Allison Williams at the The Hollywood Reporter’s Women In Entertainment Breakfast honoring Oprah Winfrey, but I have to admit when I first saw her from far away, I thought to myself, “Why on earth would she show up to this event naked? She’s not Miley Cyrus!”

The dress, which perfectly matches her skin-tone, definitely deceives the eye from far away. And that’s just the beginning of what I hate about it, dolls… the length is super awkward and not flattering at all. Perhaps if it was shorter and had a fuller skirt, the shape wouldn’t be so blah.

For a dress so simple, Alli should have jazzed it up with bigger and more exciting accessories. As it is now, they get lost in the boringness of it all. And while I’m not totally sure what colored shoes would have been better (nude would have been even more overkill), the black just doesn’t go.

Allison Williams


How would you have helped Allison’s red carpet look if you were her stylist? (And it’s totally fine if “not putting her in that dress” is your solution.) XOXO




  1. Anon Said:

    The dress isn’t too bad because it’s not matte, but I definitely think it could’ve been more fitted. It’s not large enough to pass as purposefully oversized, so it’s just shapeless and at an awkward length.

  2. Kevin Ray Pastrana Said:

    I’d give her some jewel red lips, a chunky Matthew Williamson-esque or Peter Pilotto statement necklace. A bright cuff bracelet and I’ll actually keep the black shoes. Not stilts though, perhaps pumps.

    Do I get style credit for this? Alli hit me up to hire me!

  3. Rhiannon Said:

    Whoever is writing this blast obviously does not know a thing about CLASS, not just your everyday mall girl fashion. This is hot, could have been tighter around the waist but the LENGTH IS PERFECT. CLASSY. Love this girl and the show and Gossip Girl should go get a few lessons from Alison herself.

  4. mike Said:

    leave the leather to Blake

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