(Almost) OMFGorgeous: Kesha

Happily, Kesha looks absolutely fab after her two month stint in treatment for an eating disorder. I spied her at the Humane Society’s 60th anniversary gala in NYC but at first, I didn’t even recognize that it was her–I was too distracted by her marvelous dress:



Dark, glittery, sheer and backless, this gown has a lot going on and K-money pulls it off, despite it being far more glitzy and glam than some of her usual red-carpet looks. I love everything about this look, from her bronzed skin to her funky rings.


Note that the title of this post is almost OMFGorgeous. From the neck down, K is killing it. But above the neck…



Not the gold tooth, Kesha. Not this again. Please. I had sincerely hoped that her dreadful tooth–which makes her look like a toothless hillbilly–not be part of the new her, but alas. And her hair is also making me weep with disappointment. Pink streaks I don’t mind, but green hair looks moldy and ratty, especially when it starts to fade, a la the tips of her bangs.

Kesh, if you’re reading (you know you are) please just let your natural beauty shine through for a bit, d’accord? You know you love me, XOXO.

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  1. Darcus Said:

    That dress is an hot mess, no shape no style, curtain dress..

  2. Sara Said:

    She just got out of rehab for an eating disorder most likely caused by insecurities brought by Hollywood and this is what you choose to do? On her first red carpet after rehab? To insult her? Wow. Way to go.

  3. shaunie Said:

    she looks beautiful!, wish gossip girl would stop trolling

  4. Nicolette Said:

    Sara, every celebrity is insulted. Besides, this has nothing to do with her eating disorder.
    The dress is gorg. But everything else doesn’t work. The gold tooth? Ugh. The hair streaks? I love colorful hair streaks, but the green just doesn’t work on her. The bangs and the length? Not for her.
    I’d like to see her with plain, long, straight hair, its natural color, with that dress. Also rid of the horrible fake eyelashes. Then she’d been a 10.

  5. Cassie Said:

    I completely agree with Sara, this society we live in is a joke… Kesha just finished her rehab treatment and is already being judged and ridiculed… She looks great, green hair isn’t everyone’s taste, it’s not mine either but who the f am I or any of you to judge what she wants to do… That’s the problem

  6. Marie Said:

    Please GG stop putting some french words in your article, sometimes it doesn’t even make sense.
    But I totally agree with the rest.

  7. Charlie Said:

    I think she can do whatever the shit she wants

  8. Allison Said:

    I love Ke$ha but I do think she could look hotter without the gold tooth

  9. Emma Said:

    She looks beautiful regardless, and she has come so far. Why so much negativity :(

  10. Katherine Said:

    Honestly GG quit judging. Are you on the red carpet? No? Ok that’s what I thought.

  11. Nuzhat Said:

    Why did she have to do that?!I mean when you look at her dress and everything else,it’s awesomazing :3 But the gold tooth and green hair?WHY??Just WHY??It makes me wanna cry thinking how perfect she’d look without all that golden and moldy shit.

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