Amanda Bynes’ Atlantic City Freak Out

Shocker: Amanda Bynes was caught in another bizarre episode this weekend in Atlantic City–as if being in AC on purpose isn’t strange enough. A dad celebrating Father’s Day was chased around the hotel by AB who thought he was trying to take a photo of her. Screaming and “freaking out,” say eyewitnesses, Amanda only stopped when security intervened.

But her behavior didn’t get any less odd as the night went on. Other spies spotted her wandering out of Revel nightclub wearing her signature ratty blonde wig and a dress with the security tags still attached!

The next day she lurked around the pool area fiddling on her iPhone and posing for photos with partygoers–but then instantly demanding they be deleted.

Sigh. Even stranger (if that’s possible at this point), Amanda claims that her nutty behavior is all an act and that she’s a master media manipulator. But darlings, I’m not buying this one bit. What do you think of Bynes’ batty situation?

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  1. Melissa Said:

    I still love her. haha!!

  2. Bree Said:

    Woah… Sounds like she has a love hate relationship with fame…Wants to be someone else and start over but can’t stand the thought of losing “herself”. I think she needs help… poor girl… :/

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