Is This Whole Amanda Bynes Thing For Publicity?

I’ve been secretly thinking this all along, so if this is true, I’m going to be very proud of myself….

I hear that Amanda Bynes is admitting that this whole “breakdown” of hers is really just a publicity stunt. According to her PR pro friend Jonathan Jaxson, she texted him last night to tell him that her strange behavior was just an act to get her name in the headlines and more Twitter followers — and it worked!

Jonathan posted a screen shot of their text conversation, and if they’re real, then A.) Wow! and B.) Jonathan is a terrible friend. Either way, let’s take a look, shall we?

Amanda Bynes text

He wrote on Twitter: “@Amandabynes has told tonight that she has been acting this entire time on Twitter to get attention as she prepares for next movie!” Does that mean she’s starring in a remake of Psycho?

If this all is true, would you be pissed? Or would you give her props for her mad acting skills? Tell me in a comment below!


  1. Chelsea Said:

    That’s low if it’s a stunt; she’s calling her fans worthless because she tells everyone that if she doesn’t follow them they’re not worth following. I’ve been an Amanda fan since she was a kid, and props to her acting skills if it’s all an act, but you have to wonder if there’s not just a tad crazy up in her head. I’d love to see her act again, but she goes into “retirement” then out, then accidents, then moves to NY… Make up your damn mind.

  2. Igor Said:

    Just cause it says ‘Amanda Bynes’ doesn’t mean it’s legit and real. Anyone can change the name of one of their friends to ‘Amanda Bynes’ and take a screenshot.

  3. demi Said:

    she is an addict.. she would use everything as an excuse to deny her drug issues. it terrible to see someone loose themselves to narcotics, becoming liars and thiefs…

  4. rebecca Said:

    This is a genius move by her PR group. She is bat $h!t crazy and they are releasing this fake “its all an act” crap to try to save her career. Sorry, but this is more fake than her hair.

  5. Nora Said:

    It makes sense if it is a stunt. I mean, if it weren’t, her parents and/or friends would totally be there for her all through this ‘breakdown’. But at the same time, it feels too elaborated to be called a stunt because this is getting way too much for a ‘movie’ you know? (Hospital & police dramas) I think she’s just mental. And someone needs to help her like ASAP.

  6. Katherine Said:

    It was about time for you people to realize it.

  7. Celia Said:

    So what; people have been doing way worse to get fame, it’s not like it’s something new that there are stars that would do anything to get attention.

  8. Michelle Said:

    I completely lost interest in her during this “stunt”. If it was all an act, it was incredibly childish of her. Not impressed..

  9. Jessica Said:

    Even if those are her texts and she’s not an addict, there would still have to be something seriously wrong with a person to go through all of that trouble just for some extra publicity and twitter followers…I mean come on…

  10. Mimi Said:

    kudo’s Amanda, i have loved her work since her movie WHAT A GIRL WANTS, I hope she puts her hair color back the way it was in that movie and keep the length of her hair. And she is right, all the stars do it to make come backs, why is it so hard to not believe she was doing the very same, after all she is a damn good actress.HUGS AMANDA XOXOXOXOOXOXOX

  11. Is Said:

    You know, if this is indeed real, for a druggie, she has surprisingly good grammar, especially over text.

  12. Ellen Said:

    If it was all a stunt, she did an amazing job! I’d really respect the courage she would have needed to pull this off, the whole world “hating” on her and saying the things that have been said over and over (the ugly, crazy, psycho, ect..) AND I’d definitely watch that movie :)

  13. ShutUpDonny Said:

    If these texts are really from her, she can go to hell. The world doesn’t “love” and “want” her. They just can’t turn away from a trainwreck. She’s obviously too delusional to know the difference.

  14. sophia Said:

    I don’t think it’s an act or maybe it started off like that but now it’s way out of hand and she actually acts weird. She doesn’t even have any hair left and her makeup is all over the place like she has no clue what she’s doing. Maybe she’s just trying to be somebody she’s not and this is her idea of a “cool” person. What do you guys think? Let me know through

  15. GossipGay Said:

    Didn’t she retire though? Careful, A, we don’t like it when we get played. xoxo

  16. Jimmy Fernandez Said:

    Doesn’t A know? You can always put a front but at the end of the night, there’s always the truth. Be careful A, looks like your dirty little secret is turning you into a psychotic bitch. Can’t wait to see your next move.

  17. CocoMango Said:

    I would be pissed. I can’t believe I actually felt sorry for this girl, like real tears. And eventually all of her horrible hateful tweets, I stopped having sympathy for her, I hope karma visits her.

  18. EricaBossLady Said:

    All I can say is wow. It amazing what people will do for attention.

  19. Suzanne Rosenorn Said:

    She is practicing for a job like Kris Jennar has.

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