Scene & Heard: Amanda Bynes Opens Up

Amanda Bynes is telling everyone that she’s very much not crazy, but then the spiraling starlet did the most insane thing ever: gave an exclusive interview to a tabloid! She sat down with inTouch magazine and of course, I got my hands on an early copy of the ultra-odd convo. Take a look…

Do  you think you have any issues with addiction?
AB: I don’t drink. I’m allergic to alcohol.

Is it true you needed to shave your head after a bad dye job?
AB: Yes, I had to shave my head. It’s so annoying to have no hair at 27. I have extensions that I love but I miss my own hair.

amanda bynes


Explain the facial piercings. 
AB: I wanted to look like [stripper] Blac Chyna.

You’ve said you’re starting a fashion line. 
AB: I love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s clothing line…and I love how Justin Bieber dresses. My line will be a mixture of sick styles, and it’s going to be for everybody.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
AB: Happily married!

To recap, Amanda wants to look like a stripper, dress like Justin Bieber and find a man on planet Earth that will wife her up? Perhaps “insane” is too feeble a term…XOXO.

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  1. Erin Said:

    LOL this child be cray! Never in my life would I think that someone could say so much but so little in a planed interview.

  2. Maranda Said:

    I feel so sad to hear about her! She used to be a great actress and had so much potential. I never imagined she would turn out this way!

  3. Jenna Said:

    It’s lovely how you think you can so maliciously comment on someone else’s life!! Leave Amanda alone she’s trying to drop these media views of her yet you attack her and twist words. Not only are you putting down the appearance if a striped because of her career choice but your personally attacking Amanda. Grow up and don’t hide behind an anon gossip girl account its pathetic maybe you should find a real career yourself!???

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