Does Amanda Bynes Have a Secret Twitter Account?

During my casual stalking of Amanda Bynes‘ Twitter account, I just noticed that she retweeted a super random handle that goes by “@persiannyc27.” And I can’t help but think there’s something very familiar about the tweets…

amanda bynes persiannyc
There’s a tweet in there about Drake being ugly:

And the two accounts seem to share the same ideas:

And if you’re still not convinced…

So… what do you think? Is it possible that @persiannyc27 is really @amandabynes? Tell me your theory in a comment below!



  1. Kathy Said:

    The voices in her head? She’s gone mental

  2. Isabelle Said:

    Yes, I think that is Amanda’s unless someone is crazy like her!

  3. Michelle Cheney Said:

    So Amanda’s scitzo…

  4. Melissa Said:

    The number in the handle is Amanda’s age, which she likes to mention a lot.
    The name is Malibu Barbie and Amanda Bynes wears blonde wigs and got huge fake boobs.. so… maybe

  5. cc Said:

    just realized this and googled it – you’re the only one who seems to have caught on so far. definitely her. girl needs friends. her only relationship seems like it’s an imaginary one with drake.

  6. Travis Tedford Said:

    Yeah it’s her. Just tweeted about this an hour ago (@airem23)

    It sucks to watch her fall like this. I worked with her on The Amanda Show years and years ago. She was an incredibly nice girl and so were her parents.

  7. K Said:

    Yes, it’s definitely her.. especially since the first person @persiannyc27 is following is Amanda..

  8. Derp Said:

    Obviously ripped from /u/WhatATravisT post on reddit…

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  10. Nicole Said:

    It’s definitely her account. The writing style is exactly the same, and she is 27 years old. The account also talks about hearing voices, and Amanda’s parents have said that they are concerned because Amanda has “heard voices for years”. I feel sorry for her more than anything. Watching old interviews of her is so sad.

  11. Cherry Said:

    She’s mental.Period.

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