Caption This: Amanda Bynes Shields Her Face With Her Pup!

Is Amanda Bynes a dog face? Well, kind of. The paparazzi-stalked trainwreck was spotted out and about in NYC with a priceless accessory: her little pup. And while any other normal human being would have a pet for unconditional love, AB uses hers as a shield. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PIC!

Another notable accessory? Amanda’s infamous blonde wig (guess she got tired of the aqua one quickly!) Sadly for AB, though, the pup can only be so big. Nothing’s going to hide that disaster of a hairdo….

So my little minions, it’s that time again! What is A-man-da‘s best friend thinking right now? Tell me in a comment below. XOXO

amanda bynes



  1. Paola Lazo Said:

    Spotted….the bynes dog looks way better than amanda is it possible to wear those pants without getting caught by fashion police???

  2. shaunie Said:

    i think the dog should be holding her LOL

  3. smosh-just a fan -_- Said:

    I think that u should LET HER BE! >.<
    There are 7billion ppl on this planet, why is Amanda Bynes so interesting to the media? Just making her more famous, but talking shit about her, gosh just leave her the FUCK alone!

  4. David Said:

    There should be laws against the paparazzi stalking some who clearly has issues. The paparazzi who stalk her and articles such as this one only compound her issues. This is a really vicious form of bullying. It is not in the public interest to compound someone’s mental issues.

  5. Kaitlyn Said:

    “Don’t judge me, my mommy is a crazy woman, i’m just a dog.”

  6. Steve Steinberg Said:

    In yet another shocking new display of bizarre behavior, Amanda Bynes is seen walking in Manhattan’s SoHo district, unable to explain why she Superglued her dog to her nose. A bystander said, “I really feel sorry for that little bitch. And her dog, too.”

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