Is This Amanda Bynes Shimmying Down The Street?

Put on those dancing shoes, kids. Looks like we’re going for a walk with Amanda Bynes!

It’s not 100% confirmed that this is in fact AB, but there’s this video that one of my spies captured in NYC, and all signs point to the star of it being the one and only Amanda Bynes, aka, the Queen of the Hot Messes.

The disheveled blonde wig? Check! The unique wrist tattoo? Check! The movement resembling AB’s workout style? Check! Not quite sure if she’s actually listening to music, but more power to her if not.

Check out the ultra-hilarious video below. It’s definitely her, right? XOXO

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  1. Kotani Said:

    How can you ASSUME this is Amanda Bynes when there is not even a front view of her being filmed?!?! Seriously, how can ANYONE tell from just the behind view?!?! Its ridiculous that you can even put a name like Amanda Bynes to such a stupid video ….

  2. Camilla Said:

    It’s obviously her. AB does stupid things.

  3. Nancy Said:

    This isn’t HIGHLARIOUS, it’s a tragedy. God bless her. I hope she can get the mental health treatment she needs, and that you find a way to stop being a bully.

  4. Nancy Said:

    How appropriate that you, a bully, would delete my post identifying you as such. Brilliant.

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