Amanda Bynes’ Treatment Turnaround

We all know that drugs ruin lives, minions, but they can also save them too. At least, prescription meds can–I’m not sure how many people credit their success to constant meth use.

Anyway. I hear that since being locked away in an LA psych ward, Amanda Bynes has responded “quickly and dramatically” to the anti-psychotic cocktail of medicine that doctors have put her on. Apparently they believe the 27-year-old is showing signs of schizophrenia, and so far their treatments are working wonders.

amanda bynes


“She has stopped talking to herself and stopped insulting people,” says a spy inside the facility. “She’s become downright polite, even saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. She has shown no signs of violence.”

Bravo to AB for FINALLY getting the help she so richly needed. But isn’t it all rather tragic that her parents didn’t step in earlier?

But, don’t get too used to sane and safe AB just yet. She has a court hearing today at which she’ll make a plea for release from the psych ward, and I for one hope that she is made to stay and continue the treatment.

What say you, darlings? Do you think AB should be locked up for as long as it takes, even if it is against her will?

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  1. lisa Said:

    does she have schizophrenia ?

  2. Liz Said:

    I pretty sure the parents tried to help but sometimes you have to let your kids hit rock bottom and just be there to help when they’re are ready. Same with Britney and her dad she was out of control and her dad said was enough was enough and stepped in. Glad to see she is doing well.

  3. Christina Said:

    She must have drug induced psychosis from excessive cannabis use

  4. Ky Said:

    Unfortunately when the person in question is over 18 there is nothing you can legally compel them to do about these issues unless you can prove they are a danger to themselves or others. Sadly they probably wanted to do this much sooner but their hands were tied.

  5. Charlie Said:

    Is there any proof she was using drugs? People can have mental breakdowns and/or become schizophrenic without drug involvement

  6. Kaela Said:

    wouldn’t she have had signs of this sooner? it doesn’t just appear in your life. She went from a perfect role model to effing crazy.

  7. Rachel Said:

    Actually mental illnesses can just appear. They can be brought on by drugs, or dramatically life changes. They can be dormant and something can make them appear. I dunno but, I reckon it could be just a little attention seeking, who knows it may be a mental illness, just hope she returns to how she was before.

  8. Dan Said:

    Funny, because according to TMZ’s sources, her behavior has been quite the opposite, which just tells me that all of these supposed leaks are total BS.

  9. Nouf Said:

    i think she should stay locked up, bc i believe that it’s an act..

  10. Jessica Said:

    Please stay Amanda, please!

  11. Sarah Rodgers Said:

    i totally do not like Amanda at all she is mean and nasty and i don’t want her to be in anymore magazines or anythang

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