WTF Alert: Amanda Bynes’ Weird Video

SHOCKER: Amanda Bynes is doing something totally bizarre and creepy. This time it’s a strange video she posted, in which she looks completely terrible, with the equally odd title “I’m Sucking On A Sour Patch Kid Listening To Music Getting Ready For Tonight :D”

The one-min video features her making ugly faces in the mirror and glancing at her phone–basically the next Zero Dark Thirty. I also hear that following this cinematic achievement, AB took herself to NYC hotspot Marquee–alone–and wandered around aimlessly for hours.

For the first time in my life I’m starting to wish that someone could be more like Lindsay Lohan–at least she has an entourage. You know you love me…XOXO.

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  1. Mannie Said:

    It’s sad… She seriously needs some help, she looks past the point of being high, she looks like she`s about to collapse!

  2. Bunny Said:

    OMFG what is she on?!

  3. Nads Said:

    She needs help! Like serious medical help! This is not funny!!

  4. Hillary Said:

    I’m scared now :/

  5. Kenya Said:

    Wtf? At least Lindsey is getting her life (somewhat) on track! Amanda is a complete nut and scary looking! Take off the cheap lipstick, the fake lashes and the pounds of eye makeup and get yourself to a rehab. ASAP.

  6. Emi-Lee Said:

    What happened to her? I miss her The Amanda Show and She’s the man days.

  7. mandy Said:


  8. monnie Said:

    WOOOOOOOooooowwWWWWW – I’m looking at a caricature of someone, aren’t I??? What’s up with this plastic surgery, I had no idea this was happening. Man, I wish I had stayed in my blissful ignorance. Poor young lady. She used to be so cute, so clean. I guess like Alice Cooper says, “no more Mr. Nice Guy/ no more Mr. Clean…”

  9. Jasmine Said:

    Well im scarred for life!

  10. defy convention Said:

    Can’t someone get this gal Baker Acted? She’s one step away from the slab…omg what a train wreck…

  11. D Said:

    Looks like she is trying to do her best to imitate Gaga’s weirdest looks!

  12. Josh Gree Said:

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  13. Meukitti Said:

    She reminds me of the Vancome Lady from Mad TV.

  14. Wolfee Said:

    Dang…. poor girl has done gone outside her mind. It’s hard to know if it’s drugs (likely) and/or also some severe mental illness that has been slowly revealing itself, but this is just friggin sad.

  15. timp Said:

    it’s a shame. she used to be a really cute, innocent seeming girl. now she’s completely lost her mind. sad, really.

  16. Amanda Throckmorton Said:

    OMG what happened to a Beautiful Girl Gone Lady Gaga. She looked better with Brown hair, the posing like a French girl is not so sexy that lipstick is main stream outdated. Lipstick should match your color of your lips and a slight darker. Those eyes looks like she might be a bit drunk or something. Albino is not sexy either. :-) It’s a weird video I have to agree. Lady Gaga looks like a Transexual anyways.

  17. tfk Said:

    U guys give Journalism a bad name. U can clearly see there’s something wrong with this girl, why the hell are u calling her out? The media is truly filled with demons. U say NOTHING when she’s making money & when she’s unwell u document her every move & make fun of her?
    This girl needs HELP. she’s not being represented- no manager, no publicist, NOTHING. No one is guiding her! U people in the industry watch these celebrities fall apart & exploit them, it’s disgusting, but u will get your reward

  18. Lexie Said:

    Why are her parents not getting control of her through the courts – do they not care enough to intervene??? Britney Spear’s parents got her back on track…and most likely saved her life. AMANDA’S FAMILY, PLEASE HELP THIS POOR GIRL!!!!!!!!

  19. Robin Said:

    She is sucking on a sourpatch kid and getting ready for tonight…She wants to be Lady GA GA or Lindsey Lohan or have an entourage…So she goes to a night club by herself, hoping and wishing to be discovered. She wants to skip the middle man and go right for Superstar or Falling star. It is for the attention she got from TMZ and now all of you….ITS WORKING! LOL

  20. Robin Said:

    Ohh and she is moving her camera around trying to figure out what direction to look to give full eye contact to the camera through the mirror..she gets it a couple times..sheesh

  21. Love Huki Said:

    Who is this Amanda Baynes everyone keeps talking about? But after seeing this video, celebrity or not, she needs love because she obviously wants attention from lack of love :'(

  22. Steez Said:

    The Amanda Bynes Show
    Love it… I See Right Through To You

  23. shadoo Said:

    scares the shit outta me..I almost pee’d my pants…

  24. Daniel Said:

    Lmfao omg wtf is this bitch on??? Lol

  25. t Said:

    she’s just trying to get a good picture of herself from the video

  26. angie1997 Said:

    What or who messed this girls mental health up to the point of no return?
    Sadly in this video… she reminds of of what ever happened to baby jane….
    she used to be cute/pretty

  27. DUH Said:

    She’s gone, totally lost it!

  28. Sammy Cotton Said:

    I am sad to see Amanda like this, she was a great influence in her prime, positive silly, confident, and real. This is the result of the propaganda media machine. She needs a positive influence and a true friend to have her back in this time. I loved her show what I like about you.

  29. man Said:

    wow, she was not just a lot prettier before, but she was really really creative and intelligent. she had incredible timing with her comedy.

    its sad really.

    no idea what she is on, but its not coke or pot.

  30. wizardsmagic007 Said:

    I got baker acted May 18. She seems perfectly normal compared to me.

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