LOLZ! Watch Andrew Garfield’s SNL Sketch, The Beygency

Prepare to be shocked, but I tend to hold a grudge. I don’t easily forget slights like neglecting to credit me for making statement necklaces a thing, or turning up to one of my soirees without a hostess gift. These are the things that ruffle my feathers, friends. But on this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live, host Andrew Garfield starred in a sketch that imagines a world where insulting Beyonce is an unforgivable sin. Watch and prepare to giggle…

The “to the left” joke? Dying! Is it just me, or is SNL funnier now than it’s been in a long time? The show has (finally) added some seriously funny ladies. And my long-simmering crush on Taran Killem is only getting worse, I’m afraid. Andrew’s galpal Emma Stone also made quite a few cameos, like in this kind of hilarious Spider-Man 2 parody…

But did Andrew kill it as host, or was he merely clunking along while the rest of the cast did all the work?

And here’s a better query: are you also feeling a little whateverish about Queen Bey? Or are non-Beylievers totes in the wrong?

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