Anna Kendrick Reveals Massive Girl Crush on Blake Lively!

“She’s just heaven! She’s so kind and so stylish. Every time I would see her wear a new nail polish color, I’d be like, ‘I’m going to wear green nail polish like her!’ But then, damn, it doesn’t make me look like Blake Lively. So close!”Anna Kendrick ‘fesses up to a massive, throbbing, embarrassing girl crush on Queen B, not that I can blame her. Apparently AK met BL on the set of Ryan Reynolds’ new movie, The Voices, in which Anna stars.

Anna Kendrick NYFW - Alice + Olivia - Arrivals


In fact, I have yet to hear a nasty rumor about Blake, which clearly irks me–I love nothing more than to industriously circulate wicked whispers, but Blake is a total snooze in that department. All I ever hear from my spies is “Oh Blake is such a marvelous pastry chef! She makes her own butterscotch!” or “Her engagement ring is to die for–die I tell you!” Now how am I supposed to spin a salacious story out of that, I ask you?

Blake Lively 'A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Cure Parkinson's' - Arrivals


Why, the only complaint I have about B is that she spends far too much time cuddled up with that hunky husband of hers than precious little nights out on the town wearing some fabulous Gucci frock or a custom Balmain mini. But given Ryan’s epic hotness, I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same!

You know you love me darlings…XOXO.

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  1. Sam Said:


    ‘oh i’m such a great pastry chef, oh MY engagement ring is to die for’ lol

  2. Agnes Said:

    Um she never said “IM such a great pastry chef” or “MY engagement ring” Sam…

  3. TIFF Said:

    Queen B? I think GG is getting mixed up…

  4. Gossip Girl Minion Said:

    tiff Queen B in real life Queen S in gg here she is speaking to her like Blake Lively not Sarena Van Der Woodsen ;) but yeah i do low my Queen VDW

  5. ianamary Said:

    as Carmen responded I didnt even know that a stay at home mom can make $8633 in four weeks on the internet. pop over to this site…………..

  6. Fifi xoxo Said:

    Can’t blame her! I love queen B! But it’s totally wierd to call Blake queen B! ❤️

  7. wholesale bags Said:

    Anna Kendrick’s Girl Crush? Blake Lively!

  8. Taylor Judah Said:


  9. Taylor Judah Said:

    But I can’t blame her because Blake is hot

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