Spotted: Anna Kendrick Getting Married in Central Park?!

I spied Anna Kendrick with a white dress, veil, and huge smile on her face in Central Park today, and while all of this just screams wedding, the Pitch Perfect star is actually just faking it for her upcoming movie The Last 5 Years. (Although, when it really does happen, I think she’ll make a beautiful bride, don’t you?)

Anna and her co-star Jeremy Jordan filmed the wedding scene in one of NYC’s most romantic spots (Chuck and Blair would know — they got married there too!)

Jeremy plays a novelist who is in love with struggling actress Cathy (Anna) in this flick that is based off of a 2002 off-Broadway musical.

Does this sound like something you’ll be paying to see, or would you rather just wait for Pitch Perfect 2?!


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  1. ash Said:

    lovely, lovely dress.

  2. Lil Y Said:

    Looks like CHAIR start the new screen weddings trend…

  3. CJ Said:

    I think Anna’s voice will have the potential to carry her through as a pretty damn good Shiksa Goddess. Bring on this movie – it shall be most splendid!

  4. Shants Said:

    I love Pitch Perfect! I’m super excited for Pitch Perfect 2! :)

  5. BV Said:

    I wish it was Katharine McPhee & Jeremy Jordan in a Smash wedding, but yes I will see this movie.

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