Did Anna Wintour Ban Kim Kardashian from the Met Costume Gala?

As I twirled around Monday night’s Met Costume Gala, air-kissing my fellow socialites and various A-listers, I noticed one celeb was consipicuously absent: Kim Kardashian. The entire event was whispering about how Vogue editrix Anna Wintour, who hosts the elite bash, banned Kimmy K. from attending. One fashionista told me that Anna hates Kim with a passion usually reserved for Crocs, or interns that dare make eye contact, and would never in a trillion years put her in Vogue or at one of their parties.

Is AW–and let’s not forget Beyonce–right to loathe KK? Or were you secretly excited to see what Kim would wear to fashion’s biggest evening?

anna wintour bans kim kardashian from met gala



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