It’s Over! AnnaLynne McCord Dumps Dominic Purcell

Ugh finally darlings! There is quite a long list of things that creep me out (babies, clearance racks, commercial planes), and old people are right at the top. So imagine my delight that the lovely and talented AnnaLynne McCord, 25, has finally split from Prison Break star Dominic Purcell, 42, after 15 months of May-December togetherness.

The pair met filming some straight-to-DVD movie (that never even made it that far) in 2011 and have been coupled up ever since. But ALMC recently celebrated the engagement of her sisters, which made her “reevaluate” her romance with old man river, namely that he was “more into AnnaLynne than she was into him,” says my source.

Ah yes darlings, there’s nothing like looking at girls with shiny new diamond rings courtesy of their Prince Charming to make you question your own happy ending. Do you think it’s for the best that AL ditched her senior citizen? Who should she date next?

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  1. GossipCat Said:

    Good idea of her to ditch him if she doesn’t really like or even love him. It’s for the best but on who the next guy should be… I’m not sure

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