Awwww Ahead: Anne Hathaway Adopts a Puppy

Say what you will about Anne Hathaway, but it’s hard to get mad at the super pretentious actress when she’s walking a puppy. Unless she reminds you it’s a rescue puppy just to be precious, in which case it’s just like we get it, Anne. Anyway, she and husband Adam Shulman added to their growing canine collection with a rescue pup they named Kenobi.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The pup’s name is after Obi Wan-Kenobi, a character from (nerd alert) Star Wars. The dog joins their Chocolate Lab, Esmerelda, as the newest pup who is about to have a super-charmed life.

While I certainly hope that they have a staff to take care of all of the icky-ness (dogs and babies require at least a day and a night keeper, IMO), it is pretty sweet that they’ve rescued an abandoned puppy. Don’t tell Annie I said that, though: you know how she lets compliments, Oscars and Broadway inflate her ego.

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