LOLZ: Anne Hathaway Raps on The Tonight Show…Broadway Style

Anne Hathaway used her Broadway acumen to give Tonight Show viewers a good laugh on Tuesday night. Together with host Jimmy Fallon, the multi-talented actress sang Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice,” 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” and Kendrick Lamar’s “Bitch Don’t Steal My Vibe” the only way she knows how: Broadway Style. She builds to a rather impressive ending, crooning and stretching atop Jimmy Fallon’s piano as sensually as a pampered cat. Take a glance:

Unfortunately, Annie performed the funny number wearing a never-ok jumpsuit, and is still leading the charge to make short hair en vogue for females (which we all know is not a revolution that any feminine fashionista should join). Darling, ditch the jumpsuit, get on board with some non-synthetic extensions and please drop the masculine-chic look because it is anything but.


While I appreciate all things Broadway besides the stunt casting of former boy band members, the whole segment was clearly just an excuse for A to remind us that she won an Oscar for Les Miserables and that she’s a trained opera singer. We get it, darling, but keep yourself in check: You were on The Tonight Show promoting Rio 2. With credits like those, you can’t afford to stay pretentious. Anyway, I rather enjoyed her performance. Perhaps she would consider about recording album — preferably one featuring covers of all my favorite songs?

What did you think of Annie’s recent performance, darlings? Were you able to LOL, or were you too busy averting your eyes from her worsening short locks?

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