Are Katy Perry and Russell Brand Getting Back Together?

Just as I suspected: John Mayer makes any guy look less douchey! Rumor has it now that Katy Perry has split with Hollywood’s serial dater, she’s looking to run back into her ex husband Russell Band‘s hairy arms.

A source said, “Katy reached out to him after she split with John, bemoaning her luck with men, and Russell provided her with some much-needed reassurance. He flattered her with compliments and just listened to her every word. Russell also used his wit to cheer Katy up. They were the best of friends when they were together, and despite the fact they are no longer married they’ve managed to stay civil to one another.”

Russell was quoted recently as saying, “I don’t want anything to hurt her. She’s younger than me, she’s a young woman and she’s beautiful and she’s sensitive and I care about her deeply….”

Yet, in the same interview, he made it clear that they’re probably not going there again: “[The marriage] was a drag, man… Let me tell you a thing about marriage. Marriage is a bond that can last up to 14 months. This is a sacred 14-month arrangement. Begins on an elephant. Ends in a newspaper.”

Leaving both John and Russell out as possibilities, who do you think Katy should date now? Tell me in a comment below!

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  1. Chanelgirl Said:

    Ugh. Now that Russell has shaven off his cute Artsy facial hair, he’s the drag. I think her new man is an obvious pick, Paul Walker. He’s a Top 10 hottie, new on the radar list, and a sweetheart for animals and long walks on the beach. Though he is 11 years older than the single singer, older guys on your arm with your newest spring fashion wear is in season! love ya GG

  2. tom Said:

    i have a crush on katy perry.

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