Are Leighton Meester and Adam Brody Dating?

Spotted: Gossip Girl‘s Leighton Meester and Adam Brody getting “cuddly” at the LA County Museum of Art on Friday. Spies saw the pair “hugging and laughing” while appreciating works of art together (a lovely date in my opinion). Word is that while they both obliged fans by posing for pics, they made sure to do it separately — perhaps not to cause whispers, n’est–ce pas?

Do you think these two cast-mates from “The Organges” are on their way to being Hollywood’s newest It Couple or does Leighton need to be with someone a little more Chuck Bass-like?

Leighton Meester Adam Brody



  1. jlsvendsen Said:

    She should be with Ed… PERIOD!

  2. Blair_Bass Said:

    I want Leigh to be happy but I also want Leighted too!! Leighton and Ed are so cute together!! :(

  3. realitysetsin Said:

    Lol.. Leighton and Ed aren’t Barbie dolls for the fans to play with. These are human beings and she shouldn’t “be” with anyone other than who she wants.
    Leighton isn’t Blair and Ed isn’t Chuck (thank God). It’s time to move on people…

  4. QueenC Said:

    I want her to be happy, but seriously…. Her and Ed are ment to be together! <3

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