Watch: Ariana Grande Sings “Baby I”–With a Beatboxer!

As you know, I have two problems with Ariana Grande. One, her never-changing hairstyle. Ari, I know you have extensions, but please try something different! And two, it irks me that she’s forever diluting her magical voice with a ton of weird synth beats and overworked melodies. I like her better when she’s acapella and letting that stellar set of pipes take center stage.

So today darlings, I suppose half of my wishes came true. While AG may still be rocking that same ‘do (sigh), she did treat us to a stripped down version of her hit, “Baby I”–but added in a beatboxer! The gent is Japanese beatboxing sensation┬áHIKAKIN (yes, all caps, annoying) and the result of his beats and her voice is hilarious perfection. Take a look, minions:

LOLZ! I love how Ari could barely contain her glee during some of the beatboxing! I hope someone finds a way to put this on iTunes so that I may listen beyond YouTube, but for now, it’ll do.

Are you stunned at how amazing AG’s voice is sans any sort of sound engineering? Or were you too distracted by HIKAKIN to even notice?

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