Ariana Grande + Chris Brown?

Ariana Grande and Chris Brown hooked up? Say it isn’t so, darlings! Luckily, it’s not exactly what you might be thinking–they just made some sweet music together… in the recording studio!

AG re-grammed this pic of her and Breezy posing awfully close together in a dance studio with the hashtags, “#comingsoon” and “#rehearsal,” making it official that they were collaborating together.

Everything about this picture is WRONG. Her leg wrapped around him tight, his shirtless torso leaning into her, their eyes locking… NO NO NO! Of course this is all just an act–AG would NEVER get caught up with a guy like CB, right? But it just seems a little inappropriate for sweet and innocent Ariana to be teaming up with, well, the complete opposite of that.

I hear that the song will most likely be released on Chris’ new album X out May 5.

Are you turned off by this pairing, or is the fact that they’re both super talented all that matters?

ariana grande chris brown



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  1. Ariana Said:

    If they hook up or not isn’t none of our concern! The music is what we need not their private lives jeez!

  2. Tony Said:

    Turned off. Ariana seemed like a nice girl but now she’s hanging with a low life thug.

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