Are Ariana Grande & Jennette McCurdy Leaving Sam & Cat?

Bad news, Sam & Cat fans–I hear there’s some major problems at the show and both stars, Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande, are ready to say au revoir to the Nickelodeon series.

“There has been talk about discord on the set, with emotions running high and McCurdy and Grande sometimes showing up late. The grueling, 40-episode shoot has been taxing on everyone. Additionally, McCurdy had been going through a difficult time in her personal life for the past six months and recently had to deal with the leak of racy photos, while Grande’s music career has taken off a big time,” blabs industry website Deadline.

Jennette McCurdy, Ariana Grande


Can we all just move on from Jennette’s picture scandal? She wasn’t even naked and they looked good, so what’s the issue, darlings? Anyway. The site went on to say that the show nearly came close to shutting down last week, plus there are rumors that once-BFFs Jennette and Ari are seriously on the outs after J unfollowed A on Twitter!

This show only debuted last year, could it already be time to call it quits? Even the network admits that the show is taking a break from production to give the cast a chance to rest, and rumors are swirling that they may not renew the series after a second season.

While their job does sound like a bit of a drag, that’s Hollywood, darlings–I’m sure there are a million other starlets just waiting to J and A’s place on TV if the burden of a hit show is too much for them to handle….XOXO.

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  1. gosip girl Said:

    They will come back no matter what you know you love me XOXO

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