Did Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes Already Break Up?

Well darlings, that was fast. Apparently Ariana Grande’s romance with The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes wasn’t exactly a teenage dream. Only going public with their romance in October, it seems they’re already over.

When a radio host asked Ari about her boyfriend (aka Nathan) she shot back with a bratty “You’re a little behind!” Well pardon him for not watching your romances like a hawk. She went on to insist that she and NS are “really good friends”–gag, so cliche–and wouldn’t speak about the matter any further.



If it is true that these two have called it quits–and if they were still dating why wouldn’t she just say so?–then I’m dying to know who pulled the plug. I have a feeling that it wasn’t Ariana, otherwise why would she be so testy about the situation?

But then again, would Nathan have to be off his head to ditch the hottest girl in young Hollywood?

Tell me what you think, dear ones. Is Ari back on the market? Or are she and Nathan perhaps just taking a break and destined to reunite once more?



  1. Bridget Said:

    Apparently she wasn’t talking about Nathan Sykes, she was talking about Jai Brooks.

  2. Abby Said:

    Um she was talking about jai brooks in the interview because the interviewer brought up the sloth party she threw for jai. She said he was behind because she’s with Nathan now.

  3. Kristina Said:

    You Should do your homework before PUBLICLY spreading LIES!!! She was asked about the Sloth she rented for her boyfriend, Which was referring to Jai sweetheart, but I’m sure You already knew that and you just wanted to start stuff! And I’m sure you would come off “Bratty” being asked about an EX BF who publicly tried to humiliate you! Considering that I think her reply was too kind.

  4. Vanessa Said:

    lol he needs to do something to them brows…and the uneven texture of his face

  5. ZahraAhmed:) Said:

    To be honest. She’s just another lying, desperate girl trying to make a name in Hollywood by acting as a sweetheart. As soon as her relationship with Jai was over and went public, everyone automatically blamed him, but no one paid attention to the fact that she was the one who wronged. She cheated on him twice before that,& he forgave her. Then she cheated on him with Nathan, & he gave her the opportunity to forget everything but she rejected him to be with someone who is famous and has money.

  6. gossipgirls623 Said:

    awww what happen? The star cross lovers fell out. Should have known poor sweet Ariana Grande wouldn’t have been able to keep a happy relationship. Whateves they weren’t even cute together anyway ,call me the couples police but I don’t think they were any Beyonce and Jay’Z.So maybe it was better for the break up rather then an embarrassing VMA awards when they nominated the ugliest couple award. Anyways cho babes until the next blog .
    GossipGirl623 ♥

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