New Couple Alert: Ariana Grande and The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes?

Aw, it’s nice when two tiny people find each other, isn’t it darlings? I hear that Ariana Grande not only teamed up with The Wanted‘s Nathan Sykes for their duet, “Almost Is Never Enough” but are making beautiful music behind closed doors too! So much for those rumors that Justin Bieber broke up her romance with Jai Brooks–sounds like AG had already moved on!



While the romance is still super new, says my spy, Nathan is so smitten with Ari that he’s sending her flowers every day! Tres cute, don’t you think? Perhaps he could pass along some of that charm to his bandmate, Max George–I’m sure Lindsay Lohan would appreciate it.


  1. Alyssa Said:

    you better watch out nathan

  2. Haley Said:

    EW!Just no! Nathan does not deserve her. And Max and Lindsay? WTF!?

  3. A Said:

    I guess Ariana really has moved on from former romances, Jai and past heats, like 1D’s Niall Horan. Moving onto greener pastures, Ari? Or just waiting for old flings to get jealous?

  4. WeriBee Said:

    Such a big no-no

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