Scene & Heard: Ariana Grande Claims She Was Bullied on Victorious Set

“I worked with someone who told me they’d never like me. But for some reason, I just felt like I needed her approval. So I started changing myself to please her. It made me stop being social and friendly. I was so unhappy.”--Victorious star Ariana Grande complains to Seventeen magazine about her time on the show, claiming it was bullying.



Dearest Ariana, there comes a time in everyone’s life when you realize that not everyone has to (or is going to) like you. I do, I think you’re tres fab, but unfortch, I am just one It Girl.

Do you have any guesses about AG’s on-set tormentor? Could Victoria Justice be the nemesis she’s talking about? I can totes picture Vic, who, like Ariana is leggy and brunette and gorgeous, going a little green with envy over a potential new rival, can’t you?

And riddle me this, darlings: are you sick of every single celeb pulling the bullying card when it’s pretty obvious that their life isn’t exactly awful? Or, does it make you feel good to know that even the beautiful people have ugly problems?


  1. Maria B Said:

    no one deserves to be bullied maybe the other person on set secretly envied something from you, or she really didn’t like you (hard to believe) but we all got to respect each other stay out of each others personal life’s and focus on business. People with big hearts are the ones that suffer the most

  2. ilyZMWH Said:

    maybe it was like how on sonny with a chance how in the show when sonny first came to so random and tawni was being mean to her because she didnt want her to steal her spotlight

  3. Kristina Said:

    She’s a role model for lots of teen and pre-teen girls; It’s good she’s speaking out about how she was bullied. She wasn’t doing it vindictively and naming names, but because she was bold enough to speak up it may encourage one of the people looking up to her to do the same. I say good for her. I’m glad she spoke up.

  4. Nini Said:

    I just want to know who the person was…

  5. marisa Said:

    I justwant 2 know who did and who did suold fell bad

  6. Cornelia Said:

    Fuck her,Leighton,Blake&Taylor da best

  7. Holly Said:

    I love Ariana and think she’s an amazing girl. It upsets me, to find out that while I was enjoying Victorious, she was unhappy, it kind of ruins the show when it turns out half the time what we saw was fake. I think she may be over exaggerating the whole bullying thing, but its not my place to question. Most people have assumed it is Victoria she is speaking about, which is even more upsetting because I love her also very much. I just hope that everyone is happy now and no grudges will be held!x

  8. Blair Waldorf Said:

    Is it not obvious my loves? Looks like Ariana wanted to be like her idol Victoria. Guess not. Personally, Gilmore Girls is much better than Victorious is it? How old R U girls? GO 2 SKOOL. Gossip Girl is for teens. In the upper east side. But gossip girl, once again you have impressed me. love U girly.

  9. Gabby Said:

    Hey ou are really pretty Ariana granda and I like you voice

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