First Listen: Ariana Grande’s New Song, “You’ll Never Know”

Well well well. From the sound of things, Ariana Grande has clearly been spending a lot of time with her old Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul CDs. Her new track “You’ll Never Know” is straight out of the ’90s and, as usual, I do not mean that as a glittering compliment.

Meh, darlings. Only mildly catchy and sort of screechy, I’m just not loving AG’s latest aural offering. It just seems very…plastic. Rather soulless and uninspired. I think she could do so much better than this, don’t you? Or will this song shoot straight to the top of your–and Nathan Sykes–Most Played list?


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  1. Penny Said:

    I really like it. I think her whole album is 90’s inspired. “The Way” sounds like old school Mariah Carey. I love that she’s bringing back the 90’s. music was better in my opinion and shes using it to really show how talented she is. No one can hold a candle to her voice.

  2. Bianca Said:

    I honestly don’t like it very much. She reminds me of Mariah Carey and I’m not much of a fun of her. Ariana has a great voice, I just don’t like her music style.

  3. Amanda Day Said:

    I love it, she has such a good vibe to her and her voice is fantastic! I can feel myself becoming a major fan of her!

  4. Thoman Said:

    I love it! Sending love for Ariana Grande! XOXO

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