Love or Loathe: Ariel Winter at the SAG Awards

Jennifer Lawrence’s stunning sparkle gown at last night’s SAG Awards wasn’t an easy look to top, but a red carpet contender emerged from an unlikely place: the Modern Family cast! While usually Sofia Vergara would be a worthy adversary, instead it was Ariel Winter who caught my eye with this fun floral ensemble:

ariel winter


Now yes minions, this Badgley Mischka gown is a bit off season, but considering AW’s terrible fashion decisions in the past, I’m willing to overlook it. I like the dress’ diaphanous feel and how the colors compliment her porcelain skin and raven hair. But. I’m not a huge fan of a 15-year-old showing this much cleavage, especially when it looks so forced. Going up a size would’ve made this dress fit far better and kept her looking a bit more proper.

What say you darlings, do you like her dress? Or is it too much skin and far too summery for an A-list awards show?


  1. Lula Said:

    I totally agree GG love the dress but wayyyy too much boob on show for a 15 year old!

  2. jenny Said:

    Too much boobage on a fifteen year old period. Ten years from now and she will look like a cow if they keep growing. Saggy!

  3. lalia Said:


  4. tori Said:

    she looks awesome its not inappropriate at all calm down

  5. Dee Said:

    >.< Totally not too much cleavage. You people are crazy. Beautiful dress.

  6. JD Said:

    When they’re that big I challenge you to find anything short of a nun’s habit that won’t look like too much boob. I think it looks great!

  7. Elizabeth Said:

    Ok, you clearly don’t have large boobs or else you’d know that any dress will show SOME cleavage. She can’t help that those are what she was born with! I think she looks great and does so with a large amount of class, especially for her age.

  8. jessica Said:

    I think she looks nice. Shes got a big set, they are bound to show a little. Love it :)

  9. pramet matepuwaset Said:

    she’s beutyful girl. myfriend from pramet Thailand.

  10. Soph Said:

    It’s not her fault she is well endowed at a young age. There are plenty of other young starlets who show WAY more than that! She’s beautiful!

  11. Georgi Said:

    she’s got boobs, it’s hard to hide! And they look even bigger if you cover them up. So whatever, who the ef cares, it doesn’t always have to be sexual.

  12. tanya Said:

    She’s pretty and the dress is stunning and no its not because she can’t help it her boobs are always gonna show somewhat because they are big. Also, don’t agree that they look forced, but if they do could just be her strapless doesn’t fit properly, properly grow again before the event or couldn’t get one to fit.

  13. S Said:

    If any of you have tits, you’d agree that sometimes there is no controlling what they do or how they spill out of things. I think she looks lovely. Maybe GG should stop concerning herself with what a 15 year old is doing in the first place..

  14. Hannah L Said:

    Wow I am surprised at these responses! Look when I was 15 years old I had already had my period for four years and I had C cup breasts, and I was a young woman! So think about how you were when you were her age. If you didn’t have large breasts then, and frankly if you don’t babe large breasts now, I don’t think you really have room to call anyone out on her cleavage!
    I think she looked gorgeous in that dress. The colors were very flattering on her. :-)

  15. Alex Said:

    Can I just comment on the fact that she’s 15 and her boobs look ten million times greater than mine will ever look in a strapless dress? While yes she’s 15, and that’s a little much for a 15 year old, I shall proceed to be jealous of her great boobs. #ittybittytittycommittee

  16. Amna Said:

    She looks beautiful! Want do you want her to do with those? It would be pretty hide to hide them.

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