Hot Mess: Ashley Benson Slurps Up Summer Right After Rolling Out of Bed

I’m sorry Ashley Benson…. you couldn’t even change your shirt after rolling out of bed to partake in the photo-op for the ceremonial first Slurpee Sip of 7-Eleven’s Summer Slurpee Days. Oh, I get it. You didn’t think anyone would see you? That’s the only reason I can come up with for your sartorial mistake.

The Pretty Little Liars star showed up to the press event in a baggy black tee (complete with holes and/or stains) with the words Enfants riches deprimes splashed across the front. Ironically for an event honoring a drink much-loved by kids, the words mean in English, “depressed rich children.” Oh, and another fun fact: that shirt cost around $130. When she finally looks back with regrets on what she decided to wear, she’ll be a depressed rich actress.

You know you love me. XOXO

Ashley Benson Takes Ceremonial First Slurpee Sip of 7-Eleven


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  1. dani Said:

    Actually ‘enfants riches deprimes’ means “deprived rich kids” not depressed!

  2. Abigail Said:

    Despite the irony I still think she looks great! Just shows that they are totally normal people with A LOT of money!

  3. Nadège Said:

    No, actually it does mean depressed… “Déprivé” means deprived.
    And I kinda really like the shirt tbh. It’s the pants and shoes that are horrible…

  4. Kim Said:

    What are you talking about? She looks good

  5. Brii Said:

    She looks cute. Oversized tees are the shizz, especially with skinnies and cute ankle boots. Your critiques highlight your narrow perception of style, fashion, and trends.

  6. Beatrice Said:

    No, déprimes really means depressed, French is my first language and it doesn’t mean deprived a all (To Dani) xx

  7. Elisa Said:

    Great Tee. Vintage hand distressed & she pulls it off perfectly. Anything else she would have looked overdressed & shorts she would have looked slutty. This was for a slurpee NOT champagne. Ashley has style/swag with capital S! She is beautiful & confident so she doesn’t have to wear tight dresses to a 7-11. Way to go for being a style setter. And with that cute tee she shows she is also witty, not afraid to take chances and smart enough to tell the world money doesn’t made you happy.

  8. Rah Said:

    I actually love this look!! Go AshBenzo!!!

  9. EZMoneyFreak Said:

    People invest more time in your future instead!! ..For Real !!
    I am now rich!! YEA BABY!!..
    With some time invested & in just less than a year..

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