Love or Loathe: Ashley Tisdale at the Daytime Emmy Awards

On the spectrum of prestigiousness, the Daytime Emmy Awards ranks just above a “Participant” ribbon in your summer camp soccer tournament, and just below an honorable mention in a wet t-shirt contest. But, irrelevance aside, I still like to peruse the red carpet to see who wore what. The only thing more boring than the awards itself? Ashley Tisdale’s lace overlay Rachel Gilbert gown…observe:

Ashley Tisdale

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

There is nothing remotely noteworthy about this dress, and that’s the problem. It is the sartorial equivalent of an uninterested sigh. Boring, bland and beyond generic, this looks like something she could’ve picked up at JC Penney, ditto with the cheap-looking satin purse. And it’s not even tailored properly! I’m assuming that Ash does indeed have on shoes, but you’d never know because the hem is too long. I get the feeling that she decided to go to this “awards” show at the last minute and just yanked this out of her closet…or worse, off the rack. Shudder!

Although I do like her hair and makeup–kudos to you Ash for making the “mom-bob” work–but the rest of her look is just putting me to sleep.

Do you like her choice or do you wish that a fun young starlet would take a few more fashion risks every once in awhile?


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