Love or Loathe: Ashley Tisdale’s New Haircut

Sigh. Another day another starlet who has gone nuts with the scissors and cut off her once luscious locks. I’m afraid that Ashley Tisdale has chopped off her hair, thus joining the ranks of Jennifer Lawrence, Hayden Panettiere, Kaley Cuoco, Hilary Duff, and about 130 other celebs who I don’t care to list. Check out A.Tiz’s new ‘do…

ashley tisdale haircut


“cut my hair off! #summerready” she captioned the Instagram pic. Can anyone explain why summer has to equal a soccer mom haircut? Do you really want to be called “ma’am” at the beach? Ugh. This cut may look cute now and I rather like the color, but after one wash it’ll be the most generic thing ever.

Plus, isn’t Ash getting married this summer? Her new length seems impossible to style–hard to put up, bland when it’s down.

What’s your take on the trend in young Hollywood to ditch the long locks in favor of a more “grown up” style? Super cute or so over it?

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  1. Franchesca Said:

    I don’t consider that chopping off your hair.. That’s like a trim. When I see chopped I expect a pixie cut or like a shaved head

  2. Ash Said:

    Soccer mom haircut? Are you serious? Just because your hair isn’t long doesn’t mean it’s “soccer mom”. It looks great.

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